To help us find the perfect pathway or course for you please use the tabs or search box below to tell us about your ambitions. If you are not wearing academic dress you will not be allowed to join the procession into the graduation ceremony. Chino and corduroy pants are acceptable. You can pick up a catalog in the Lower School office or. Remember: If you cannot attend your interview, you will need to contact your College to rearrange. Enterprise will manage your personal information, applications and interview dates with us and give you control to choose what to apply for, your interview dates and to accept your offers. Our tutors are industry experts and will teach you the skills and knowledge that employers look for. Navy blue and white clothing should be solid colors (no stripes, polka dots, plaid, etc.). To help us find the perfect pathway or course for you please tell us a bit about yourself. CATS Canterbury Limited, a registered company Company number: 06355641 CEG Colleges Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CATS Colleges Holdings Limited, company number: 11880907 Registered address: Floor 2, 50/60 Station Road, Cambridge CB1 2JH The school will not deem appropriate any expressions such as unconventional use of hair coloring, adornments or immodest attire. This is most important. Academic dress (consisting of robe, hood and hat which together we call a ‘gown’) is mandatory for those taking part in the ceremony. Submit Question. Spirit Dress may be announced in conjunction with a sporting event or in the event of bad weather in the winter term.   |   Cookies Support. Recognizing the ever-changing nature of fashion, the school reserves the right to make decisions about the appropriateness of specific clothing and appearance not covered below. Girls are also permitted to wear a dress with a cardigan when Semi-Formal Class Dress is required. Your degree will therefore be conferred in absentia. $2.00 Sport shorts $39.00. Ear gauges and plugs or tunnels are not allowed. Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and more on Indeed. Pants: Boys must wear dress pants with a belt. Read more. You can use our Explore Your Future tool to find the right pathway based on your interests, skills or career aspirations. Whether you are leaving school or returning to education, we will give you the opportunity to progress towards your next step. Sweaters may replace blazers in the winter term only. This information will be used at your interview and will help us to find out more about you. As a student, you'll become a member of our Students' Union, where you can take part in a range of activities. Students not in dress code will be asked to change into appropriate clothing kept in the office or may be asked to have appropriate clothing delivered from home before returning to class, and students will be considered unexcused. 0 NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY The granting of dress-down days will be dependent upon compliance with the dress code on days when regular dress code and Wednesday dress are required.