It’s not just the same model, this is a part of another Zero-X mission to Mars. A Maximum Security Vehicle is driven through the deserted streets. Our first and only look at the Mysteron complex on Mars. But what’s this? The year is 2068 A.D. Not 2068 B.C. Un problème s'est produit lors du chargement de ce menu pour le moment. Is he a Mysteron agent like any other, or has something even more horrific happened to him personally? CAST: David Graham (Narrator), Liz Morgan (The Angels), Wayne Forester. The bloody corpse of our hero gets dragged behind a bush… well I’m sure no-one will find it there. While Harmony Angel and Lieutenant Green watch from the sidelines, Colonel White chairs a briefing with key members of Spectrum. Yussef Dayes X Alfa Mist - Love Is The Message (Live @ Abbey Road) ft.Mansur Brown & Rocco Palladino - Duration: 10:54. With incredible accuracy, Destiny knocks out the helicopter and, I might add, manages to pull out of the dive before ploughing straight into the Car-Vu. Is it me or is this not the same puppet for a brief second? ( Log Out /  Mais le capitaine Noir cède à la panique à la vue d'équipements de surveillance braqués sur eux, qu'il imagine être des armes, et ordonne de ce fait d'ouvrir le feu sur la cité. Whilst once again Wayne Forester was great as Captain Scarlet his voice was stretched to breaking point and beyond by being asked to play virtually every other character in this audio story. We see more of this sort of thing during Thunderbird 6. Doctor Fawn gives up on the whole thing at the beginning of Winged Assassin, despite it potentially being one of the most important discoveries they could have possibly made during the fight against the Mysterons. Après avoir consulté un produit, regardez ici pour revenir simplement sur les pages qui vous intéressent. Who knows, but it looks pretty cool, and hasn’t aged as badly as some 1960’s optical effects. Capitaine Scarlet (Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons) est une série télévisée britannique créée par Gerry et Sylvia Anderson et diffusée entre le 28 septembre 1967 et le 14 mai 1968 sur ATV. Now that isn’t to say that the series as a whole is a complete departure from the look and feel of Thunderbirds – the brightly coloured costumes and vehicles will never allow you to forget that this is Supermarionation. Captain Brown sets off the weapon detectors because he’s a wrong’n. Can anyone spot the flaw with the Spectrum Maximum Security Building? Captain Blue makes contact with Spectrum Helicopter A42, but there is no pilot! Looks like there is an arrow as well. It’s the best thing that’s happened to the President all day. The President is conveniently told about some of Spectrum’s arsenal. It’s worth noting that as of right now there is no M21 in the UK, but there is an A23 which runs from London to Brighton. The process is not shown, we don’t know how it happens or why he was chosen. I like the point you made about the Mysterons having no actual weapons, and having to rely on using Humans for their plans. The Mysterons, perhaps more-so than any other Anderson pilot show, puts establishing the premise as the number one priority. White checks his big map and remarks that they are crossing the English coast. That got a big tick from Gerry Anderson who wanted his audiences to forget he was actually working with puppets. It's good, but Barry Gray's music would add so much more here. And he’s about to do something pretty cool. By the way, everyone always asks how Colonel White gets into the middle of the table… the table splits apart… easy…. Somehow the Mysterons are controlling the world's weather, and only Spectrum can stop the devastation. It’s essential viewing really, and it’s also pretty action-packed which always helps.