What to look for when buying a car in Germany, How to find cheaper second-hand cars in Germany, 2- Administrative steps to take once you found your dream ride. Hey Sandman. I have German citizenship, and a friend that lives in berlin. Date of the next roadworthiness check (HU/AU/TÜV). Buying a car is an exciting step for couples, but the sheer amount of paperwork involved in purchasing and financing a car is often overwhelming. Possibility to buy and register car in Germany in order to use it when visiting Germany, this happens very often. Hi, I am from UK. © 2020 - Settle in Berlin. You can find second-hand cars in Germany on platforms like AutoScout24 or Mobile.de too. But the name on the documents differ from the one with whom I signed the contract. I am looking at the same basic idea. I have secured myself a termin in the car registration office. help me, give me an address essen germany.please thank, My daughter’s family moved to Germany. The only additional information that is relevant to you at this point is that the dealerships usually offers to assist with the insurance & registration process. Now I have a Car and Most valuable info I got it from this post. This cookie includes no personal data and simply indicates the post ID of the article you just edited. Can I get temporary insurance? Here’s how I understand it, and what my confusion is: I live in Potsdam, and I’ll probably end up buying a used car from a dealership in Berlin. It expires after 1 day. They make your car go through the “Hauptuntersuchung” (HU) & the “Abgasuntersuchung” (AU). You must provide this document when you register your vehicle. Do you know which registration office should I go to? There are loans to buy cars too. This grace period allows you to get your paperwork in order before registering your vehicle with your state of residence. I plan to leave the US and move to Europe shortly. It sets the value of all cars down to every model of every year. You can arrange temporary license plates/insurance for the time you need to make all these steps, talk to the dealership about it. I have also reserved the cat number that I want to have online. These cookies will last for one year. Thompson has an associate degree in information technology from the University of Kansas and is working on a bachelor's degree in business and personal finance. Hey Willy. It’s annoying to have to wait so long before I could drive. If you get checked, you might be met with some level of understanding, given the current situation, but that is a dangerous game to play. Hey Kayla. Kindest regards. Generally, you’ll have a specified period in which to register a car or truck after taking possession, often 20 to 30 days.To help make the car registration process less onerous, avoid visiting the DMV office when its busiest. If you edit or publish an article, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser.