To add nutrients back to the soil, you'll also need to spread aged manure or compost once a year. To sow cardamom seeds, choose a container of 1 foot deep and 6-7 inch width. Now I shall plant and very much hope to succeed. The stalks will grow rows of bright green leaves that are about 2 inches (5.1 cm) long. If the plant's leaves turn brown, it's getting too much sunlight, so consider transplanting it to a shadier spot. Mature sucker, which has at least one young growing shoot, can be planted in prepared soil (in which water can drain easily). In India, it is called by various names. Fill the pot with soil that has a combination of seed starting mix and sand. As your seedlings grow, keep their soil damp and feed them once every two weeks with a liquid kelp plant food such as 0-0-1, adding 2 tablespoons of it to each 1 gallon of water. Cardamom , sometimes cardamon or cardamum, is a spice made from the seeds of several plants in the genera Elettaria and Amomum in the family Zingiberaceae. When the plant is bearing fruit, irrigation is necessary for further production to avoid drought in the summer season, as the flowering and fruit set begins in the plant at this time. These herb seeds can be slow to germinate. Commonly, you can find two types of cardamom: Green (originating in India and Sri Lanka) and black (in Nepal and Himalayan states of India). Also, their viability begins to decline about two weeks after they are picked, and they may have been fumigated with irradiation, ethylene oxide or steam, which could adversely affect germination as well. The best time to sow cardamom plants in June -July, at this time the monsoon is light moisture and cloudy. Plant the seed about 1 inch apart in the container, so that it can be easily thin planted. Growing sweet peas How to plant grow and care sweet peas | Growing sweet peas. This plant requires an average temperature of 10 ° C. In their native habitat they grow to 8–15 feet. Disease affected rhizome should be avoided from planting. Cardamom seeds usually are slow to germinate, so you probably won't see sprouts until about a month later. Cardamom spices plants are affected by diseases such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria, however, it is possible to diagnose this problem. It prefers a very hot and humid climate, if you live in the US Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 10 to 13, you can grow cardamom plants. Once the cardamom is dry, you can open the capsules and crush the cardamom to cook or bake with. Keep the soil moist as they grow. Place the Cardamom seeds for planting in a clean container. Cover with a mulch of straw or grass. It will take several years of watering and nurturing, but your plants will produce cardamom that you can harvest and use in baking or cooking. When some leaves grow in the cardamom plant, then transfer it to another place. Thanks for the, "Understood all the organic practices. Last Updated: April 6, 2020