They did a photo shoot for People Magazine. "So of course you'll side and feel for her, which you should, because it was tough. Justin then asks Amber on his date and she accepts, wanting to make Dan, who just broke up with her, jealous. Along with Salter, 10 of the other 15 contestants from the first batch were revealed on June 10, 2015 in which they were confirmed. No doubt, they're now enjoying every second of life as a family of seven! Michael's date: Michael took Tenley on a dinner date where a mariachi band played for them. They have a good conversation and kiss. It's probably not fun to watch your ex date another man, no matter who ended things. They, of course, already had three boys to look over before welcoming their little girl. ", He only has positive things to say about the relationship and his time with Carly, even though Kirk says they're no longer in contact. Juelia asks Chris Harrison if it is possible to bring Mikey back, and he says he'll see. 2 Bachelor in Paradise 's Carly Waddell gave birth to her second child with … [4][5][6] The mystery contestant revealed is Lauren Iaconetti, the sister of Bachelor season 19 contestant Ashley Iaconetti.[7]. Joe gets angry and walks away from JJ. With the pressure of time and what the show creates, it forces you to make a really hard decision. Juelia thinks she is going home, but when she is about to leave Mikey shows up and saves her. "We had a good time together," he says. Nick Peterson, the winner of the third season of Bachelor Pad arrives with a date card, claiming to have been in contact with Samantha before the show. Nick and Samantha also have a good date and go to the fantasy suite. Ashley I's Date: Ashley and Jared had an overnight date and it is apparent that she did not lose her virginity. Carly got her heart shattered by Kirk Dewindt at the end of Paradise Season 2, but isn't ready to give up on becoming a power couple like her best friends and Season 2 newlyweds Jade and Tanner Tolbert. "I think the one thing that was unfortunate was that America saw the story from her eyes and not through my eyes," he says. Jaclyn, holding a grudge against him for eliminating her on Bachelor Pad and preventing her from winning $250,000, makes him roll around in the sand and embarrass himself to get the date card. Nick and Samantha do the same. Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison to provide her with an overnight date card so that she can find out exactly where she stands with Jared, at a risk to her virginity. "That's the honest truth. Jaclyn Swartz from Ben's season and the third season of Bachelor Pad arrives and claims she wants to "steal someone's boyfriend". [10] Jared's date: Jared asked Clare on a date, which upset both Ashley I. and Mikey. Ashley calls Kaitlyn saying "He's obsessed with you.". The right thing to do was to not let it go any further. Rose Ceremony: Justin and Cassandra exchange roses and leave Paradise together as a couple. These three got along so well that the couple initially wanted Nick to officiate their wedding. He was also a cast member on the Bachelor in Paradise season where Carly and Evan got together. When they get back they make out in front of everyone which upsets Juelia, who previously thought that she and Joe had a connection and is good friends with Samantha. ) @nae.bass_, A post shared by Carly Waddell (@carlywad) on May 9, 2019 at 7:08am PDT, For her part, Waddell gushed over getting to see her husband have a daughter. Prior to start of the season, Ashley Salter of The Bachelor, season 19 was offered a spot to join the show during that season's Women Tell All and later accepted the offer. Tanner's Date: Tanner receives a date card right after the rose ceremony ends and he takes Jade on a date. Chris Harrison tells the couples that they need to start thinking of whether they can stay together back home and that they will each be getting a 1-1 date that will lead to a fantasy suite. Ashley S's date: Ashley took Dan on a date and they had dinner. 2 is the latest addition to their big family, Waddell and Bass have had parenting on lock for years. What a beautiful girl!' I think she was just caught off guard, thinking things were seemingly good. Joe then gives his rose to Samantha, and Dan gives the final rose to Amber. Kirk tells her he isn't sure about their future. They stay together overnight in the fantasy suite. And, maybe that's for the best. Tanner and Jade are planning a wedding in Mexico next summer.