It was only operated as a stand-alone system for about 12 months for testing. Name: Dr Michael Ottaviano, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Carnegie Wave Energy. Flexsteel Pipeline Technologies supplied the pipe, while Total AMS (TAMS) installed the same. Detailed design was completed in 2013 and construction was started in September 2013. Our CETO 5 units were installed off Garden Island starting in late 2014 with operation continuing for 12 months. Over 14,000 cumulative hours of operation. The pipeline design contract was awarded to INTECSEA, a WorleyParsons Group company. The pressurised water can be used to drive hydroelectric turbines to generate electricity. The pump pressurises fluid which is then sent onshore through a subsea pipeline. The passing oceanic waves cause the buoys to move harmonically. We do this by funding projects and sharing knowledge that drives innovation and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies. All Rights Reserved. The Project produced power and freshwater for the Australian Department of Defence to supply Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, located … Carnegie claims it to be the most advanced wave power project in Australia. It is generating Carnegie’s first revenues and is a significant step forward in commercialisation of the CETO wave energy technology. The resulting low-pressure water is then returned offshore in a closed loop system. The Perth Wave Energy Project is the world’s first commercial-scale wave energy array that is connected to the grid and has the ability to produce desalinated water. The contract for the design of the turbine and generation system was awarded to Tyco Tamar. With 2MW of solar capacity and an associated battery, it will provide revenues for the company through the sale of electricity to the Department of Defence. The jack-up rig for drilling the pile foundation for stage one was supplied by Boskalis Australia. The deployed system consisted of the mooring and a CETO unit. It has a rated capacity of around 240kW which is three times higher than that of CETO 3. Mt Mercer wind farm is a 131MW wind project being developed in Victoria, Australia. The Project produced power and freshwater for the Australian Department of Defence to supply Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, located on Garden Island. Contact us to talk through your project, tricky question or business problem. The offshore wave energy project is mainly made up of CETO units in water, high-pressure subsea pipelines to transfer the pressurised water onshore and a power generation system onshore. Our experts in energy technology, innovation and business are happy to share their knowledge with you and to learn from your experiences. The project created 30 jobs and also won the Sustainable Energy Industry Excellence and Innovation Developer Award from the WA Sustainable Energy Association in March 2010. This is an important step towards unlocking the vast potential of wave energy in Australia and internationally. The Perth Wave Energy Project acknowledges that defence bases and remote islands typically face issues of high power tariffs, freshwater scarcity and reliance on fossil fuels to provide power. It was developed by Carnegie Wave Energy and officially switched-on in February 2015. The Perth Wave Energy Project consisted of three 240 kW CETO 5 wave energy converters that were installed and grid connected in late 2014/2015. The Perth Wave Power Project is one of them. Carnegie received a $13.1m grant for the project from the Australian federal government under the emerging renewables programme (ERP). The CETO power system is anchored to the ocean floor and operates out of sight. Stage one was initially not connected to the grid. Carnegie Clean Energy Limited (formerly Carnegie Wave Energy) is an Australian, ASX-listed (ASX: CCE) developer of utility scale solar, battery, wave and hybrid energy projects. Another $7.3m was provided by the Western Australian government under the low emissions energy development (LEED) programme. In July 2012, Carnegie and the Australian Department of Defence signed a power supply and purchase agreement, which gives it all the rights to purchase the electricity generated by the project. It is also located close to the National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED), Rockingham. The new design incorporates significant improvements over the previous generation CETO units including CETO 3 and 4. The Perth Wave Power Project (PWEP) is an innovative offshore development located in Garden Island, Western Australia.