Modello Polifonico IX Scandalli, con registro Musette, Colorazione nera. The City Council of Castelfidardo (Marche region, Italy), in collaboration with Castelfidardo Pro Loco Tourist Association, calls and organizes the PIF International Competition “Città di Castelfidardo” reserved for accordion soloists and groups, of classical music and other genres. New Accordion local_shipping Free. Sistema PA portatile per iPod / iPhone / iPad. GRAZIE... iCube 95 Modello Polifonico IX Scandalli, con registro Musette, Colorazione nera. Add to cart. Following this philosophy, we are introducing new categories such as the World Music and a jury of excellent quality, which may also have a role of talent scout. DISP0NIBILE NON ESITARE A CONTATTARCI PER IL PREZZO TEL.071-7825373  You can purchase advertising spaces both on paper products than on PIF site and / or on the web TV dedicated The Castelfidardo Municipal Administration is led by Mayor Roberto Ascani, the Castelfidardo Pro Loco headed by Ruben Cittadini, and event Artistic Director Renzo Ruggieri. In order to guarantee regularity and equality of conditions among the candidates, there will be a SPECIAL EDITION in two phases: SELECTIONS (with online videos) and FINAL. Here you can find the best photographs of the International Accordion Prix taken in the current and in previous editions. READ MORE ABOUT. Castelfidardo, the global home of the accordion, is located half-way between the mountains and the sea, between the valleys of the Aspio and Musone rivers. from 09:00 CET (Central European Time) on Saturday 12nd September, support them! News, deepening, interviews, updating, and everything there is to know about the PIF International Accordion Prize. 8,9) tastiera madreperla e bassi madreperla... Fisarmonica E Soprani modello 969 KK 37/96 Bassi 37-96-3/5 7+4  Voci Commerciali (cm. THANKS TO A HUGE STOCK OF OVER 300 ACCORDIONS,WE HAVE... Fisarmonica E Soprani modello 737 KK 72 Bassi  34-72-3/4 5+2 - Voci Commerciali - (cm. We needed many meetings to evaluate a safe and innovative PIF Edition in this difficult year. Modello Air IV, Scandalli, Registro Piccolo, Colorazione nera, SUPPOTRO PER FISARMONICA LIBERTANGO 43,5x17,5 - Kg. Modello Super VI Extreme Scandalli, con registro Piccolo, Colorazione Scandalli Air IV 120 NUOVO ACCORDION FISARMONICHE Fisarmonica GARANZIA 5 ANNI … PIF2020 has chosen to be worldwide, as usual in full respect of his public and about the tradition to be the best award in the world. Nera,Cassotto Facebook-f Instagram. PRONTA CONSEGNA PER SPEDIZIONE IMMEDIATA! You may unsubscribe at any moment. Discover all the advertising opportunities for promotion and visibility reserved for PIF International Accordion Prize products. Many musicians have performed on the stages of Castelfidardo in nearly 40 years of the PIF - International Accordion Prize.