Sherlock is 18 and his life is more confined than ever before, Magnussen is ensuring his submission but its being won at a price. Not formatted very well, since it's not really meant for public reading, but I'm uploading it anyway.Sherlock's lines are written by me, John's are written by melodiavalentine. The doctor seems like a kind Master and Sherlock hopes that he and not Charles Augustus Magnussen wins. Robert Hardy, recognisable to many as Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter series, was an odious, amused Milverton in the television film with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke as the detective and his companion. Fue entonces que supo que no había marcha atrás. Sherlock fait ses adieux à Watson. Yet as Sherlock learns who he has to call Master and is taken back to Appledore, he meets two other slaves. He can maintain a conversation with the likes of Sherlock and Mycroft without them getting bored and managed to “outsmart” Sherlock in the end, so that’s definitely saying something about his intelligence. When he agrees to help out with a difficult case at the hospital where he works as an emergency room physician, he not only saves this particular abused omega and others like him, but he discovers a new and better life for himself in the process. In revenge, she draws a pistol and shoots Milverton dead. 故事背景是十九世紀末的英國。長大成人的約翰重遊曾經就讀的寄宿學校,回憶起他在這裏遇上夏洛克,以及他和夏洛克之間發生過的、令他永遠難忘的往事。. Charles Augustus Magnussen was a powerful and wealthy businessman who owned several newspapers. Jack lives in Room with his Pa, Sherlock. Spoilers for everything up to that point, naturally. Charles Augustus Milverton was a blackmailer featured in The Adventure of He is described as "the king of the blackmailers" and inspires in Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is Magnussen’s plaything. Before long, he finds himself assigned the unusual task of serving as personal bodyguard to Magnussen's reclusive husband. Continuing the story with Sherlock's life now he is 19 and out of Magnussen's control ....finally. He's not just another acquisition. The version finishes with Holmes chortling to himself about having deceived Lestrade, and the version ends on a more contemplative, serious Holmes who asks Watson not to record the case. After she is gone, Holmes swiftly empties the contents of Milverton's safe and burns them, to prevent any future grief to his victims, then he and Watson flee the house. Interrupted by the man himself, the pair hide behind a curtain to see him receive a visitor. Encore convalescent, Sherlock piège Mary afin que John découvre la vérité sur elle, il sait que Mary Morstan n'est pas son vrai nom et qu’elle a travaillé comme agent de la CIA.