[13] When the British banned western expansion in 1764, fighting among colonists and against the natives swelled. Les batailles de Trenton et de Princeton sont collectivement appelées les Ten Crucial Days (les dix jours cruciaux) parce que les victoires à ces deux batailles redonnèrent le moral à la nation. [15] A Deputy of the Duke governed Delaware from 1664 to 1682. New Jersey. Colonial America. [11] Penn wrote the Frame of Government of Pennsylvania before departing for the colony, which called for religious tolerance towards many groups, including the Religious Society of Friends and local natives. Other important industries included printing, publishing, and the related industry of papermaking. The geography of the New Jersey colony varied from the lowlands of the Atlantic coastal plain to mountains in the northeast. They were erroneously labeled the Pennsylvania Dutch (the German word for German is "Deutsch"), and comprised one-third of the population by the time of the American Revolution. The first permanent … The New Jersey colony had a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters. The colony quickly grew. William Patterson, un homme d'État du New Jersey, introduit le New Jersey Plan, par lequel un vote est donné à chaque état, ce qui rend la représentation égale au niveau du corps législatif. After Hyde was recalled to England in 1708 over charges of graft, bribery, and corruption, the governor of New York was charged to also preside over New Jersey. [23], German immigrants favored the Middle Colonies. [21], Labor was always in short supply. The majority of colonists in the Southern region were men. How did Rizal manifest his leadership in student activism at UST? Ces groupes sont avant tout organisés pour défendre la propriété, leurs dirigeants étant les hommes les plus riches de la localité. New Jersey was first a proprietary colony when it separated from New York but in 1702, New Jersey became a royal colony and was under the direct control of the English crown. Le 15 avril 1702, sous le règne d'Anne Stuart, les deux parties du New Jersey sont réunies et deviennent une colonie royale. On March 18, 1674, after encountering difficulty collecting the taxes, Lord Berkeley sold his share in the colony to Edward Byllynge, a Quaker businessman from London. Abundant forests attracted both the lumbering and shipbuilding industries to the Middle Colonies. Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. The colony was named after the British island of Jersey in the English Channel. Mené par Printz, la colonie s'étend aussi loin que Fort Christina (des deux côtés du Delaware).