Again, if you have any issues with customs information being incorrect, please reach out to the carrier (DHL in most cases) and get the GamesQuest customer service team involved if it needs to be escalated. Once the orders ship, I will also be able to take the Tracking information and load it into the BackerKit Pledge Manager system.       • The Chicago Folio PoD Coupon If anyone needs to revise their address for delivery in January, please contact me at onyx.kickstarter (without the space) and I'll update your shipping info. If you've opted in to e-mail communications with DriveThru, you'll likely get a notice when this happens. On some of the international orders shipped out, the sku data pulled into the customs form was incorrect, and the Chicago By Night book was declared a "boardgame" rather than a "book." I'm still waiting for my copy - soon! We reserve the right to modify your submission if necessary to conform to appropriateness with the setting. TRACKING YOUR ORDERS. 2. You'll still receive the e-mail when it has shipped with your tracking number, but I'm still learning the new process so may be a step behind the experienced crew. More importantly, it’s a chance to interact with the community and for everyone to get involved from the earliest stages. 3.  • Vampire 5th Edition PDF  (Update # 37, Dec 28, 2018)   For this project, Onyx Path has teamed up with a second UK-based fulfillment partner called GamesQuest to handle worldwide, non-US shipments for this Vampire: The Masquerade book. In addition to a revised Second Edition version, the book had many supplements that introduced important characters and stories to the lore of Vampire: The Masquerade. Your tracking information may take 2 days to update at any given time, so you may see "Pre-Shipment" as it filters out to the various shipping agencies, but it should update as it travels and eventually delivers to you. I'm just waiting final confirmation (holiday timelines threw a wrench into the works, as noted in the last update), but our fulfillment partners should be ready to start packing up orders once the calendar turns and everyone's back to work. And even more Vampire goodness on the horizon... check out our latest kickstarter! We're over 445% funded, and have unlocked twelve Stretch Goals (funding two new complete supplements), with even more stretch goals (and another supplement) within reach! Orders should start delivering the week after they leave the warehouse, so backers should begin seeing orders landing  around January 22-24 for the easiest, closest backers, with the bulk of deliveries happening over the following days and weeks. I've seen so many orders sitting in a local post office for 8 weeks while the recipient was left unaware that it was waiting.