The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 52,000 acres in 24 states! "Brother vs. brother vs. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. His South Carolinian brother James was captured at the 1863 Battle of Fort Wagner in his adopted home state, and sent to a federal prison, where he sat out the rest of the war in squalid conditions. "Dangerous stalemate in Iraq." Constitutional Rights Foundation. cousin." What's the Difference Between England, the U.K. and Great Britain? Each knew the other joined the enemy cause because they corresponded with one another regularly. Alexander moved to Connecticut and established a business manufacturing "artistic monuments." When they withdrew from the fort, they took James as one of their five prisoners. Save 99 Crucial Acres at Three Western Theater Battlefields, Kentuckians: Support Battlefield Preservation Legislation, Virginians: Support Battlefield Preservation Legislation, The Battle of Secessionville - June 16, 1862, Fort Wagner and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. While a prisoner, he was promoted to 1st. April 15, 2008., "The Battle of Chickamauga." National Parks Service. Alexander stayed in New York while Joseph became a stone mason in Charleston, South Carolina. ", The Charleston Courier editorialized on the two brothers, "another illustration of the deplorable consequences of this fratricidal war." . In the famous attack on Battery Wagner by the 54th Massachusetts and other federal units on July 18, 1863, James was in the fort, having endured a terrible artillery barrage. U.S. Census Bureau. They corresponded with each other and were on good terms after the war. Da Capo Press. His brother Alexander settled in New York, but spent time in Charleston working as a stone mason on the new U.S. Customs House being built at the end of Market Street shortly before the war. Please consider making a gift today to help raise the $170,000 we need to preserve this piece of American history forever. Divisions of the American Battlefield Trust: The American Battlefield Trust is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 2004., "Islam divided: The Shiites and the Sunnis." This item: Brother Against Brother (Civil War) by William C. Davis Hardcover $8.99., "1860 fast facts: The 1860 Census." Murfreesboro Post. First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run (The Civil War Series, Vol. Highlanders (probably after the 42nd British Black Watch Regiment because of its predominately Scottish ethnicity).