The judge in the Claremont serial killings trial has been urged to give weight to "extremely strong" scientific evidence pointing to Bradley Robert Edwards being the murderer. Now, a man has been found guilty of two of their murders. Computer nerd, family man… dangerous predator: The obscure past of monster accused of Australia's most heinous murders - as prosecutors reveal why they believe he IS the Claremont serial killer 4.09pm. A West Australian Supreme Court judge has found Bradley Robert Edwards guilty of murdering two women in Perth in the 1990s but not guilty of a third killing. The Claremont Serial Killings, hosted byThe West Australian’s veteran crime and investigative reporter Gary Adshead, takes listeners into the shocking murders of the three young women, and the investigation to find their killer, which turned out to be the biggest criminal investigation in Australian history. Video. ... Sarah Spiers: The state's case and the theory her death is not linked to the Claremont killings. Claremont serial killings: Inside Australia's most intriguing murder mystery The murders of Sarah, Jane and Ciara shook Australia for over 20 years. Our live coverage concludes . Court to hear accused Claremont killer speak for first time since arrest. The case, described as the state's biggest, longest running, and most expensive investigation, … Why Claremont killings ‘trial of the century’ came to an abrupt halt. The Claremont serial killings trial will resume 24 years to the day since the second victim, Jane Rimmer, vanished after a night out in the affluent Perth suburb. 1 / of 2. Our live coverage concludes . The long-running Claremont serial killings trial is at an end, after defence counsel Paul Yovich SC wrapped up his closing argument to the WA Supreme Court this afternoon about why Bradley Edwards should not be found guilty of the triple murders that shocked Perth more than two decades ago. That concludes our coverage of the fallout from today's momentous verdict in the Claremont serial killer trial. ... and witnesses in his trial recalled a car bearing a Telstra/Telecom logo cruising the streets of Claremont around the time of the murders. Claremont serial killings trial comes to a close After 95 days, more than 200 witnesses, thousands of exhibits, 98 critical fibres and one microscopic fleck of DNA, the last chapter of WA’s trial of the century played out in the Supreme Court today. The Claremont serial killings is the name given by the media to a case involving the disappearance of an Australian woman, aged 18, and the killings of two others, aged 23 and 27, in 1996–1997. Follow our live blog for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic . Their accused killer has pleaded not guilty. By Gary Adshead • State Political Editor . 4.09pm. Claremont serial killings left state in the grip of a murder mystery. Latest updates. After attending night spots in Claremont, a wealthy western suburb of Perth, Western Australia, all three women disappeared in similar circumstances leading police to suspect that an unidentified serial killerwas the offender.