Credit:Cameron Myles. Serial killer Ivan Milat has spent the night in a Sydney hospital more than two months after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Bradley Robert Edwards is accused of murdering Sarah Spiers, 18, Jane Rimmer, 23, and Ciara Glennon, 27, in 1996 and 1997. The Claremont serial killer case has been described as is the state's biggest, longest-running, and most expensive criminal investigation and has received constant media coverage in Perth. Mental health assessments of Edwards concluded he was venting pent up anger when he carried out the attack on the woman behind Hollywood Hospital in 1990, the court heard in June this year. It was tested in Britain well after 2004 and revealed “the breakthrough clue”. The NSW Government insists it will not pay for the serial killer's funeral. Claremont trial: Edwards 'intended to kill' teenage rape victim, court told. The seven-month-long trial of accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Robert Edwards has finally finished. The Claremont serial killer investigation and the wrong men caught up in ... Lance Williams was considered by police for many years to be the prime suspect in the Claremont serial killings. Four months in, here's what you need to know about the Claremont serial killer trial. The accused Claremont serial killer's defence lawyer is making his final pitch, saying elements of the case that don't fit the prosecution's argument must not be glossed over. It's the question everybody ponders, but nobody wants to ever have to answer: what would you eat for a last meal? The 51-year-old’s DNA profile was found underneath Ms Glennon’s torn left thumbnail after the 27-year-old allegedly scratched him in a fight for her life before he cut her throat and dumped her body in bushland north of Perth in March 1997. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. A detective has told the Claremont serial killings trial he will never forget the smell of Ciara Glennon's dumped body, which he initially thought was a kangaroo. Lonnie Franklin was found guilty of the deaths of 10 women. Accused Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards was called an “evil dog” at a Perth court which heard allegations of “extreme” pornography evidence. A Los Angeles jury recommended the death penalty for a man dubbed "The Boy Next Door Killer" after he was found guilty of two murders and an attempted murder. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. A suspected serial killer strangled a US teen in 1976 and likely killed another woman just days before she was to testify in court that he raped her, police said. In February last year, police added a third charge for the alleged murder of Sarah Spiers, who vanished in January 1996, but whose body has never been found. A prison van heads off to Hakea Prison (File photo).Source:News Corp Australia, Bradley Edwards (above) is a former president of the Belmont Little Athletics Club in eastern Perth.Source:Supplied. Paul Yovich told the court Mr Edwards’ defence questioned some of the prosecutions “factual assertion and requested witnesses due to give evidence at the trial not be allowed into the ore-trial hearing. Bradley Robert Edwards is not the Claremont serial killer and the scientific evidence prosecutors are relying on may be contaminated, his lawyer has told his Perth trial. — Australia’s leading news site. Swedish journalist Kim Wall was last seen on Peter Masden's "homemade submarine" and never returned. He claimed Mr Edwards’ DNA most likely made its way into Ms Glennon’s fingernail exhibit through secondary transfer – when DNA is transferred from one object to another through an intermediate, such as a bench or piece of laboratory equipment like forceps or a scientist’s glove. Picture: AAPSource:AAP. Prosecutors are expected to argue for the inclusion at trial of “propensity evidence”, which is not directly related to the allegations but to past conduct. Prosecutor Carmel Barbagallo has described the defence’s DNA contamination theory as “fantasy” and claimed it ignored the evidence of the case. The defence alleges Mr Edwards DNA contaminated Ms Glennon's fingernail exhibits while in the Pathwest lab. But he pointed to frustrations about not being able to fix equipment that day and pressure from his girlfriend, who, after announcing her love for him, revealed she was still sleeping with an ex-boyfriend, which sparked an argument. A court heard that Edwards had ‘pent up anger’ when he attacked a woman in 1990.Source:Supplied. John Keenan, the New York police chief of detectives who led the manhunt for the Son of Sam killer in 1976 and 1977, has died at the age of 99. "The mechanisms and the opportunity simply doesn't exist in the objective facts of the case. “The defence accepts that the mixed DNA profile extracted from the sample that became AJM 40 and 42 is consistent with a two-person profile, the contributors of which are Ms Glennon and the accused,” he said in his opening statement.