Ms Barbagallo has asked if he had a close relationship with Jane, he has replied, yes. Ms Rimmer said she went to Jane's Wembley unit to find her and noticed her car in its usual spot. Two decades later, a man faces court. Mr Travis said he met Mr Edwards in the course of his work. The next witness to be called is John Travis. Claremont serial killer trial judge strikes out evidence against Bradley Robert Edwards. "From my recollection I think it was a station wagon and it would have been white ... it would have been a Ford Falcon station wagon," he said. Mr Edwards is taking notes during Mr Travis' evidence. Claremont serial killings trial live verdict updates: Bradley Robert Edwards found guilty of murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, not guilty of Sarah Spiers murder Mr Yovich is asking about the gowns customers wore. The prosecution has finished calling its witnesses for the day. A second photo taken of the Toyota Camry the state alleges Mr Edwards used around the same time of the Claremont murders. I do note amongst Justice Hall's comments in respect of the acquittal of the charge of murdering Sarah Spiers, and I'll directly quote. Mr Travis' diary notations from the week said Mr Edwards worked a near-14-hour day, finishing at 9.45pm. The trial, before Justice Stephen Hall, is expected to wrap up at the end of the week. Watch the brand new docuseries Love Fraud now on Stan. Ms Barbagallo is now asking Mr Travis about which vehicle Mr Edwards was driving. She said the evidence strongly suggested that Ms Glennon had been in contact with Edwards's Telstra-issued VS series Holden Commodore station wagon in the hours before her death. She said Jane called into her house a number of times the day she vanished, once for lunch and another time to do some laundry. Edwards, 51, is accused of wilfully murdering Sarah Spiers, Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon in 1996 and 1997 after abducting them from the streets of Claremont. Another statement by Mark Boorn is now being read into court. That wraps up our live coverage of the Claremont serial killings verdict. The Shenton Park hairdresser who saw Jane on the day she disappeared has now taken the stand. "Three innocent young women were killed along with the hopes and dreams they never got to fulfil. He said he picked up Jane near the Karrakatta cemetery from a phone box. All three vanished from the affluent western suburb of Claremont over a 15-month period. This photo was taken by the owner the day before he sold it in 1997. He is also agreeing Jane had a close relationship with her parents and visited them most weekends. Ms Barbagallo: How many children in your family? She said Jane had a booking at the salon on June 8, 1996 at 10am. He will be sentenced on December 23 for the murders of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, plus the two sex attacks he pleaded guilty to before the trial. Mr Yovich is now cross-examining Mr Travis. He said he did not own the taxi he was driving that day. "The Claremont killings struck at the heart of our way of life, stretching become almost a quarter of a century. Two of them also matched fibres found on the shorts of a 17-year-old girl Edwards brutally raped at Karrakatta Cemetery in 1995, fibres that matched Edwards's Telstra-issued work uniform. She said there was no evidence either Ms Rimmer or Ms Glennon had been in a VS series Holden Commodore in the days prior to their deaths, and the only rational explanation of the fibres found on their bodies was that they came to be there "during course of the offences being committed upon them.". Police seized the car from Mr Palmer the day of Mr Edwards' arrest in December 2016. Today was judgement day for Bradley Robert Edwards - the man accused of murdering Sarah Spiers and two other young Perth women. He has confirmed while owning the car it was not involved in any accidents. Two polyester fibres were found in the lock of hair that corresponded to Telstra clothing of the type Edwards wore at the time, and Ms Barbagallo said that piece of hair was "a very significant piece of evidence because it is pristine and because of lack of opportunities for contamination". She said Edwards "evolved as an offender over time" and while his modus operandi in the rape and in the murders was similar, "there was a clear progression and maturation in the offences". "The only rational inference" was that the same person murdered both Ms Rimmer and Ms Glennon and that person was Edwards, Ms Barbagallo said. Ms Barbagallo has continued to reinforce the state's case that the DNA and fibre evidence proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Edwards murdered the three women. The next witness is David Kluwen, who was the taxi driver who collected Jane earlier in the day when she disappeared. "This is an important day for justice in Western Australia," Mr Dawson said. "'The propensity of evidence makes it more likely that the accused was the killer of Ms Spiers but it cannot prove it beyond reasonable doubt in the absence of any other evidence as to the of her killer.'.