The COBB Tuning dealer website gives Dealers the ability to: – View the COBB product catalog and your wholesale pricing, product specs, inventory available, descriptions, product images and more. I just started reading this thread. Please do not chase us on facebook or chat. Suddenly, “special” is quite the understatement…BUT…if that GT is followed by the letters “RS” or the word “Clubsport” ….you might need to pinch yourself to make sure you didn’t die and go to car heaven. COBB Tuning is an automotive performance company dedicated to developing full-tuning solutions that improve vehicle performance and the driving experience. Accesstuner is our software package that allows enthusiasts to create custom calibrations for their Accessport-supported vehicle. This implementation is a plug-and-play Flex Fuel and Fuel Pressure solution.This allows us to input custom digital sensor data to the factory ECU via the car's CAN Bus rather than taking over factory analog inputs. This program is very intresting. COBB is excited to announce support with the Accessport and select Power Packages that maximize the potential for your Mustang EcoBoost! Stage 2 should be a good base map to start from. COBB Tuning has built a strong foundation with the Accessport on the MK6 and MK7 Golf vehicles and we’re excited to begin expanding to more platforms across the MQB Platform, starting with the Jetta (A7) GLI. yea im looking into this as well.. hoping to learn how to tune and contribute to this more as well.. A reason its difficult to share maps is that they are usually unique to the individual car. There really is nothing like the overall balance of insane performance and exceptional quality that is found in the top shelf Porsche cars. The 2.0 TFSI VW engine is a proven powerplant for tuning performance. COBB Tuning is excited to announce another update for the BMW platform. After a brief hiatus, we are excited to announce that Mitsubishi Accesstuner is now available. – Track shipments and view your account details, product discounts, terms, dealer status, Protuner subscription status and more. These mechanical problems may include, but are not limited to, clutch wear, diff’s, blown head gaskets, con rods, and pistons, rings, pumps, turbo and many other items.You authorize Linney Tuning to test and calibrate your vehicle in person or remotely on the dynamometer and or street as needed. bump. Greatly speeds up the tuning process and allows quick changes to powerful features like Adjustable Traction Control, Launch Control and Map Switching. The appropriate Off The Shelf maps are included with these packages. Revision Notes: 350 - Maps have been updated to eliminate unnecessary DTC suppression. These v400 map files have received updates to better align with COBB’s vision of providing turn-key upgrade solutions while staying true to our mission statement. This is because people who do their own tuning have modded their cars in different ways. Cobb Tuning has released a STU specific map tuned using Sunoco GT 100, street legal.. Christian. For new dealers, we are focused on adding full service shops with installation capabilities to our COBB Dealer Network. The Products Page will allow you to search our entire product catalog and allow you to filter the catalog based on various criteria. Submit Form with ALL information requested below, Use a battery charge while flashing first time. So, this new Accesstuner software allows folks to create and modify maps. The COBB Tuning Accessport now includes Stage 3 Off The Shelf Maps (OTS) for the 2020 Mustang EcoBoost equipped with High Performance Package! We have been tuning since 2002. SIGNUP TO KEEP INFORMED OF SPECIAL EVENTS, DEALS, OR PRODUCT UPDATES. and don’t flash miles away from home/safe place if its risky battery will go flat.