I never want to see those documents surface again.”. pic.twitter.com/70IEG8b4zR, — Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) April 29, 2020, Sullivan is pissed off becaise those documents were supposed to have been “disappeared” permanently instead of “misplaced”. President Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, left a corrupt life in public office and returned to the law firm Covington. Sidney Powell has said it’s 17,000, so good back-of-the-envelope estimate! Nonetheless, the government alleged this is exactly what Flynn did. The newly disclosed billing records appear to confirm an ABC News report in March that Flynn had incurred about $5 million in legal fees. sullivan even reversed his standard court order to produce all exculpatory information, to help the prosecution hide the records which have now been produced. Copyright © 2020 The Washington Times, LLC. The Flynn firm previously filed a less-detailed disclosure with Congress portraying the lobbying as a strictly commercial matter. Agree 100 percent also. They never think they will get caught because of their “rock-solid, stellar, grounded reputations’ in the legal professional and they are feared and above reproach – by anyone, including the judge. Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Implying treason on his own: The firm also assisted him in preparing the allegedly false FARA filings. April 10, 2020 Covington Lawyers’ Conflict Of Interest May Land Michael Flynn In Jail. The Feds must have something on judge Sullivan. That prompted U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan to issue a new order that, “Covington & Burling LLP shall re-execute a search of every document and communication pertaining to the firm’s representation of Mr. Flynn. I just wrapped up a substantial legal case and I can tell you that every email, phone call, visit, even messages left are all accounted for…because it keeps the meter spinning upward on the fees charged. The fallout from that conflict of interest appears to have created Flynn’s current predicament. Specifically, Flynn had not yet testified in federal court in Virginia against his former business partner, who was scheduled to be tried in summer 2019 on non-FARA charges relating to their firm’s work, allegedly performed for the government of Turkey. It is clear that while these issues should have been squarely addressed long before now, if there is to be a just result in Flynn’s case, the court must take up the question about a conflict of interest by Covington in Flynn’s plea. He was willing to die for his country and when push came to shove, like any good parent, he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect his son. We now have performed another search, using search terms and manual reviews, on a broader universe of material to correct the earlier error and to transfer additional documents that are part of the client file.”. They always get a pass. “Covington had maintained in the working case file its key work product documents, letters, pleadings, interview notes, research memoranda, document productions, document binders, chronologies, and other significant materials related to the representation,” he said. Mega-firms do what ever is necessary in their own best interest. He is as crooked as the prosecutors and Flynn’s original attorneys. Rafiekian’s attorneys introduced the bills in an effort to show the scope of the effort Covington made to gather information about Flynn Intel Group’s work in advance of a retroactive FARA filing Flynn’s firm made in March 2017. While the Covington attorneys would still implicate Flynn as the source of the incorrect information in the FARA filings, they might be able to temper this with testimony about the surrounding circumstances that indicated Flynn had acted in good faith despite inaccuracies. THIS WAS CRIMINAL because they knew the very FBI records of his interview used in their Gestapo-like abuse showed that he was not lying. Judge Sullivan issued a new order in March, prompting Covington to find more emails that, Mr. Kelner said, “had been inadvertently omitted from the previous file transfer.”. The U.S. Justice System can not POSSIBLY continue to operate like this.