As horrified technicians turned around, Owen Hart was speeding helplessly towards the ring, a distance of 78 feet. Share Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest Email Print. As part of his act, the Blazer was due to make a “superhero” like entrance from the rafters in a harness, but unlike Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XII or Sting in WCW, Owen’s descent was made with a “quick release” mechanism so that he could hover above the ring and then comically fall on his face to fit the goofy gimmick he was establishing. Which means it’s also Hall of Fame season. The genius of Owen was the way that you never quite realised how good he was, because he made everything look natural, as if it were the easiest thing in the world for him. Home | News | Results | Columns | Radio | Contact | Privacy Policy, LOP Hall of Fame Class of 2019 – Owen Hart, Kyle O’Reilly Cuts Promo on WWE NXT Title Shot, Triple H Hypes O’Reilly vs. Finn Balor, More, Indie Wrestlers Work Two WWE NXT Matches This Week, Ridge Holland Updates and Video, WWE NXT Announce Team Change for This Week, Tommaso Ciampa Wins Rematch, Road Warrior Animal Tribute on WWE NXT, Wrestler Pays Tribute In NXT Main Event, “Unknown Insurgent” Teases WWE NXT Return at Takeover, Possible Plans for New WWE NXT Takeover Title Matches, Tag Team Contenders To Be Decided, Doctor’s Orders: G1 Climax Running Diary (Results and Reviews) – Ospreay Should Win It All, Can’t Knock The Hustle: Only One Man Can Help Retribution, Kinda Sorta, In A Way, Tim Rose: An Honest Review of Retribution, The Apex Heel Debate is Academic, and You Know It. What the likes of Double J were going through as they wrestled that night I cannot even imagine. This reboot of The Blue Blazer gimmick was a parody of the “drink your milk and take your vitamins” gimmicks of the 1980s, and Owen, for the brief time he played it, did so with his usual good humour and panache. I’ll even tell you a joke.” Kurt went on to say that The Black Hart did just that! Given that his elder brother Bret and his brother-in-law Jim Neidhart were working for the WWF as one of their top tag teams, it was no surprise that Vince brought Owen into the fold in 1998, with the superhero Blue Blazer gimmick intended to showcase his at the time unprecedented high flying skills; it’s often forgotten how much of a pioneer he was in this regard, given how much of a land of giants the Federation was at this time. By Jake Drury Last updated Apr 1, 2019. EMTs arrived on the scene as the camera cut away (a pre-recorded vignette had, somewhat mercifully, been playing as the descent began, so nobody at home saw the disaster happen) and they worked on Owen for some minutes in the ring, before he was rushed to hospital.