Sweet Words To A Parent's Ear? Mady has been at Crestwood since 1979. Seminars for staff are on-going throughout the summer to build on their experience. Kim and her husband Seth reside in Woodbury with their two sons, Jordan and Ryan. He joined the Crestwood staff for the summer of 2014 as a group leader. Debbie took some time off after the birth of her two sons, and has been a year-round fixture in the Crestwood office since the fall of 1994. Andrea Levitt is our Security Director. Kim joined Crestwood as a camp counselor while in college. And to ours, too. She has been a part of the Crestwood family since 1996. His experience, energy and enthusiasm mixed with a great understanding of children, makes him a great asset to Crestwood. During the academic year, Amy works as a school nurse across several districts. Alyse Skoller (Division Head 5th - 6th Grade Boys & Girls) has been a part of the Crestwood family since 2007. A low camper-to-staff ratio ensures safe supervision and personal attention. She truly believes that camp is the most positive experience you can give your child. Barry and his wife Robin live in Dix Hills and have 2 daughters, Jordyn and Brianna who have been at Crestwood since the age of two. Stephanie holds a BFA in Education and a Masters in Early Childhood from CW Post. Abby (Counselor) ... “Crestwood is a beautiful camp with a lot of special activities. She has toddler twin boys that love attending Crestwood for both camp and school! Stephanie Steiner (Division Head Toddlers – Pre-K, K) Stephanie is the director of our year round private school and in the summer is the division head for our youngest campers, including our school children. References are personally contacted for each staff applicant and criminal background checks are required. Bob holds Bachelor, Masters, and School Administrator degrees. Since 2016, she's been a Division Head of the 3rd & 4th grade girls and then our 5th & 6th graders. Adam has a BA in English and an MS in English Education. Prior to joining the greatest staff there is, Andrew accumulated over 15 years of experience working at various camps. They are trained in first aid and C.P.R. During the summers at Crestwood, Stephanie began as a counselor and then group leader and during the school year, Stephanie has taught music, parent and child, toddlers and nursery, prior to becoming our director. After college graduation, Kim started as a full time pre-school teacher and camp Group Leader. Martin Stern is our Food Service Director. MaturityAll Group Leaders are college graduates. Prior to that, she was a counselor and Group Leader for both our 3rd and 6th grade girls. Elyse’s daughter, Leah, started at Crestwood when she was just a toddler in the Parent/Child Program and she also graduated from Crestwood’s School Kindergarten Class. Bob also supervised the dining hall and maintenance staffs for several summers. Andrew has been teaching health and physical education in the North Shore School District since 2003. Amy has quite the history with Crestwood with her three children previously attending over a span of 15 years. Debbie Kalmus is a year-round Office Administrator at Crestwood and has a B.S.in Management from SUNY Binghamton and an M.B.A. in Accounting from NYU. Staff. Barry is looking forward to another amazing Crestwood summer with your children. Brian Iken (1st & 2nd Grade Boys Division Head) has been a part of Crestwood since he was 17 years old starting as a Pre-school Sports Specialist. Andrea graduated with a BA from Buffalo State and worked at Sesame workshop for 14 years. Andrew Richter is our Special Events Director. He is very excited about his new role at Crestwood and looks forward to meeting all the teens and their families. Stephanie’s husband Joe is also a certified teacher, professional musican and a former Crestwood staff member. The reason? A former college soccer player, Barry now enjoys coaching his girls soccer team for the HBC Soccer Club and is a former USSF Soccer Referee.