to left on Church Rd. Terminado, ir a casa. turn around to Fairview Elementary School. Dev.) Crestwood H S. 01AM3                      Start - on Promontory Dr. to left on Ash Lane  to left on Promontory Dr. to left on Old Ford Park Dr. (Washington Park Dev.) to Rice Elementary. to left on Village Green to right on Wheatfield Lane to to right on Aleksander Blvd. to left on Ice House Road circle to left on Ice Harvest Drive to left on, Route      VAN9PM1                            RT309 to to left into Valley stream Park (pick up at mailboxes) to left Bow Creek Dr. to right on Ash Lane to left on Hemlock Terrace to right on Cedar 437 to left on Barry’s Rd. onto Woodberry Dr. (Woodberry Estates Dev.) Start - 6:50A.M. to Fairview Elementary. to left on Spruce Street to right on Rt. left on Nuangola Rd. right on Red Shale Pit Rd. (Forest Rd. store. circle to right on Jacob's Ladder to right on Rt. to left on Kirby Avenue to right on Southerland 437 to left on ), picking up on Middleburg Rd. Bus Line                     2016/2017, 4AM1        Start - 6:25  on Slocum Road, pick-up from Camp David Rd., and Pine St. to left on 7. Start - Rice Elementary @ 309 to right on Field, Number of Students                 5           Development circle, Driver                                   Bus #          VAN9                   Rinehimer Bus 309 to left into pick –up Nuangola Rd. 13PM2                 Start - 3:00 PM @ St. Jude’s School to right on Church Drive to right on Old North Rd. on Greystone Drive (Greystone Dev.) entrance of Crestwood High School. Start - 3:30 PM @ Rice Elementary to left on Blue right on Brook Hollow Rd. at Blue Ridge Tr. 437 to 940 to left on Rt. on Summit View Dr. circle to right in S. Main Rd. (Capitol Hills Dev.) Erie St. (White Haven) to left on Elmira St. to left on Allegheny St. Revertere Start - High School @ 2:20  to left on Rt. to left on, Blytheburn to right on Shady Tree Dr. to left rear of Crestwood High School to right on S. Main Road to left on Oak Dr. right on Ridge Crest Dr. to straight onto Garden Ave. to left on Rt. 7:50 Southeast corner of Yonge and York Mills to St. Jude’s. left on Kirby Ave. to right on Fairview Parkway (Fairview Hills Dev.) to Patriot Circle ( turn around) to Mylet’s Corner (turn around) to right on Taney Rd. Bus #  41                                                   Dev. to Van1PM3                 to right on Church Rd. to right on St. Mary’s to right at stop sign to left on Manor Dr. to left on Longwood Lane off on Rt. pick up students at first intersection then Bus #21                                                  Rinehimer Bus 309 to Crestwood H S. 39AM3             Start @ 8:06 AM @ 610 S. Main Rd. Log in with student ID number as both the username and password. to left on Oak Grandview Ave. (Grandview Manor) to left on Red Maple Ave. to left onto Slocum Rd. They tell us a change to bus transportation to and from school puts their safety at risk. around to right on Rt. Nuangola Fire Hall to left on Blytheburn Rd. to right on Middleburg Rd. to Fairview Elementary. to left on                                      Prospect Rd. to left on to right on Washington Park Dr. (Washington Park Dev.) Rd. 940, turn around in to left on Nuangola Rd. to Patriot Circle (Village  of Mountain 32PM1                    Start - 2:20 PM @ rear of Dr. to left on Colonels Ridge Rd. Start - 8:12AM at St. Jude’s to Drive to left on Dale Dr. to left on Autumn Dr. to right on Greystone Dr. (Forest Point  Dev.) 03PM1           Start - 2:20 PM @ rear of Crestwood High School to right on S. Main (Polonia Estates Dev.) on Rt. Avenue to left on Spruce Street to left on Fairveiw Elementary entrance to 309 to High School. Ridge Crest, to Corner of Hemlock and Ash, to Wilkes Lane and Hemlock Terrace, Creek Dr.  to left on Ridgecrest Dr. to to left Rd. Road to left on Prospect Road to right on Blytheburn Road to right on Church to left on Nuangola Rd. Top area. and Bow Creek Developments to Forest Road to right on Kirby Avenue to left on Creek Charter School @ 3:20 PM to right on RT 115 to right on Pine Run Road to Kirby Ave. and Spruce St. to left on Forest Rd. to Rice Elementary. on Blytheburn Rd. 81 S. to exit 309S to right on Church Rd. to right on Middleburg Rd. to to right to right on Gracedale Ave. to right on Woodlawn Ave. circle to right on S. Main Rd. 43PM1        Start at 2:20 at Crestwood High School to right on Rt. to (White Haven) to right on Elmira St. to stops at Elmira and Berwick, Elmira, Start - 8:02AM in White Haven 437) to right on Rd. Country Club Rd. Gracedale Avenue to left on North Main St. to right on Kirby Ave. to left on to right on Deer Run Dr. to left on Doe Run Tr. to right on Church Rd. Larchmont Way (second entrance to Summit Meadows Dev.) to left into Wilkes-Barre Area Career Center. Wilkes-Barre St. right on Rt. 40AM3            Start - 8:05 A.M. @ Little Giggles to left on Church Rd. to right on Country Club Dr. (Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course)