For years, theories surrounded this case. The bodies of Ms Rimmer and Ms Glennon were found in bushland on Perth's outskirts shortly after they went missing, but Ms Spiers has never been found. Sarah and Jane looked eerily similar. As a young wife and mother with a husband overseas in the military, things were strained. The new footage was first released to a pay TV documentary series, which enhanced the original material, but not to the general media. Investigators today defended their decision not to release the 12-year-old footage. It was well written and very good explanation. After drinks, they go out to Continental Hotel. No one has seen her since and police are still looking to speak with the man she last communicated with that day. She worked a lot of part-time jobs and decided to rest, so she told Sarah to get a taxi home. For a full list of sources, please visit    But, within a few short months, Sylvia was beaten, humiliated, and ultimately left to die from neglect and severe abuse, inflicted by not only Gertrude, but the Baniszewski children, and neighborhood kids as well. The rotating camera shows Ms Rimmer waiting near a pole outside the popular nightspot. This week we tell you not one but two stories that have been underreported despite the terrifying audio capture shortly before each of their deaths. She acknowledges the man, before the camera pans away. We spoke with Criminology Podcast's Mike Morford, who took us through some of the most notable factors of the crimes and arrest, and what this means for cold cases everywhere. Learn more about your ad choices. On June 8, Jane m eets up with a friend at Ocean Beach Hotel, the same hotel where Sarah went and later went to the Oriental Hotel, the same bar where Sarah went. "Otherwise, the story and the structure of the blog is really good. But we still don't know exactly how police got his name. A 23 year old women named Jane Rimmer is out in Claremont. The man entered the frame, back to camera, and she recognizes him. Download Right click and do "save link as" Since 1996, people in Claremont had been looking over their shoulders when they go out for a night on the town. For a full list of sources, please visit https://crimejunkiepod... Bryce Laspisa started acting strange on August 27, 2013. She looks like she is waiting for someone and when the car pulls up she seems so happy and excited. Her car was found on the side of a busy parkway with a flat tire, keys, wallet, and phone still inside. Many years later, those crimes would be connected to other attacks dating back to 1988. "That's what we hold in our heart - that we can do that," Superintendent Byleveld said. Her family and friends began asking around, putting flyers, and walking around Perth at night to see if anybody remembers her. In this update episode, Ashley gets the chance to talk to Lisa, Katelin's mom, about Katelin's case, and like, you all asked... What about Katelin's step-father? A cold case review of the three murders had made no recommendation on whether or not the footage should have been released. This was a great blog. In the late 90s, Indianapolis was rocked when it was found out that a local businessman was murdering gay men and burying them on his 15-acre estate called Fox Hollow Farms. They stand and talk for another 2 and a half minutes and the next frame shows her gone. It is June 1996. There is a reward put out for 250,000 Austral. In this bonus episode, we get the opportunity to talk with April Tinsley’s mom, Janet, about the investigation into her daughter’s murder and the torment April's killer has put her family, and the city of Fort Wayne through. Her screams scared him. Sources for this episode cannot be listed here due to character limitations. Source for this episode was Mike Morford of Criminology podcast.