After, he rides the elevator down into the Crypt. Win it to live. When it's facing you you need to aim for the yellow spots on their legs. This is important. Kill the two elite Slashers and the parasites that appear from the coffin. The necromorphs will appear once you step outside. Dead Space 2 Walkthrough Chapter 4. Hammond will hand you new objectives, but before you'll proceed with your new mission be sure to check the lockers and the crate. This chapter takes place in the Church of Unitology. Impale an enemy with the Javelin Gun and use the alternate fire mode to kill three other enemies (SP only). Camp near the broken door, and wait with a weapon and a stake. You'll need to last a bit over a minute. Isaac then heads to the back of the room and encounters a Slasher feigning death. Basically, you want to be in a cul-de-sac with a very powerful weapon to down them as they charge you. Why here? Pick up the node and break the fuse to get back to the save room. Daina: Isaac! Obliteration Imminent is the fourth chapter of Dead Space and takes place on the Bridge. You'll find some items in the Atrium, including an Audio log. Use the Seeker Rifle to kill a Stalker while zoomed in. Go back to the Main Atrium and save the game. Keeping in mind that we're in zero-g you should aim for the station on your right, refill your oxygen and hide behind it. You'll need to stasis the wires that block your way. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. My brother died trying to rescue you. Smash through the enemies down to the ground floor and ride the elevator up to exit. Obviously, the first thing you should do when it appears is to use Stasis. Dead Space Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Enter the room that the Necromorph just “opened”. There's a locker containing a Power Node on the left side of the door, and further on there's a Upgrade bench, some lockers and a store at the end of the room. Note you can break the fuse to unlock the door back to the church lobby (and hence the enemy free gift shop) to save, shop and upgrade. Isaac contacts Daina, questioning why he has to meet her in the Church due to his dislike of Unitologists. The Church is the only place that the Zealot Slashers are encountered. She then claims she is at the top of the Church in a safe room, waiting for Isaac's arrival. Avoid the unstable parts of the floor and eliminate the appearing Necromorphs. Schematic - Security Suit in the office storeroom near the hatch. Use Kinesis on the shelves that block your way, but before you continue, use the nearby Stasis recharger. Power Node - Balcony near the corpse in the Stalker arena (after the battle). Refill your Oxygen, jump towards the large gate and enter. The mining administration room contains a package of Necromorphs, which you shouldn't have problem dealing with. Line Gun mines or the Javelin Gun work well against the parasites. You'll face another large Necromorphs – again, aim for the yellow spots on its legs. Now just continue jumping from cover to cover until you reach the last one. Go up the elevator and head for the large round gate leading into space. Approach the console and press E. Get back to the main atrium, saving the game on your way there. Lose it to die. Top Contributors: Simalcrum, IGN-GameGuides, Ramil20-11 + more. At the gift shop, load up on ammo and, if you want, take the Line Gun if you want more firepower. I'm in a safe room at the top of the Church. Leave the tram and search the station thoroughly. On your way there you will encounter some bizarre-looking heads with legs. Try the crawling necromorphs in the TST Elementary School. Chapter 12 would be the other spot where you can try and do this with some ease. Dead Space Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Last Edited: 29 Oct 2017 7:33 pm. There are a few containers and a Save station here. Out of the Basilica and into another hallway, he reaches the Funery Wing, filled with Swarmers and Zealot Slashers. Intensive Care is the second chapter of Dead Space and takes place on the Medical Deck.