A Dead Space 3 guide includes a detailed walkthrough of completing all 19 campaign chapters, as well as side missions.You'll find here also a list of all hidden items along with their exact locations (they are also mentioned in the descriptive part of chapters, at the place of finding them. Go along the platform behind you and back to the control room. Take out the power core, and carry it with Kinesis. Looks like you gotta go turn on the furnace to interact with this alien, so go down the long path to the left. Dead Space Walkthroughs/Version 1. Before reaching the control panel, however, you will need to move two generator modules that power the machinery here. Going up along the walkway you will find an Audio log, and one of the alcoves has a locker with a Power conduit inside. Collect items on your way and continue onwards until you reach a save point. You'll find an Audio log, a Text log, and some lockers, including one with a Power Node. Take the first left to get to an elevator. Simple enough, up until the ship … Now, use the console to get the heat working. Contents . Those 4 guys are a little weird, but they don't kill you, so that's cool. After cutting off all three mouth tentacles, the monster will run away. Enter the refueling chamber. You start off in the medical bay. When done, move to the other side of the room and repeat. You'll find the medium med pack schematics and a locker. Use Kinesis on the car to pull it towards you. Contents . Aim using the LMB and fire by pressing F. There's also a Store located in the room. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers.Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Head back out towards the warehouse. You can catch floating containers with Kinesis. You'll need to use stasis on them in order to continue. Use the platforms to get to the lower levels until you reach the broken door. Guide Contents. A flying Necromorph will take over one of the bodies, so be ready to fight the moment you enter the room. Carry on to the more stable ground. After defeating the first wave search the room to find a locker, and some containers in the upper portion of the room. When you reach the control room turn to the refueling station and go to the place where you activated the first console. You'll get to the machine room by leaving the control room through the round door. After collecting the items enter the chamber and use the console to start decontamination, an alarm will sound and some Necromorphs will attack, so stay cautious. Focus on the number that is lit up, and hold down the Kinesis button, not press it rapidly like previous objects. Continue through the drill room, then outside and to the right. Once you have looted everything, go over to the lock panel, and unlock the next door. Before taking care of the mission go around the shuttle and collect the items from containers and lockers making sure to take the Power Node. Chapter 12: Dead Space/Walkthrough < Chapter 12: Dead Space. Get to the platform and go up. This category is for the chapters of Dead Space 3. Next Page Chapter 3 Previous Page Chapter 1 . There's a switch to the right of the save station which you'll need to activate using Kinesis. Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public.