For all use, Contact Beam, Line Gun, Javelin spears, and stasis/Plasma Cutter combos work. Get behind some crates providing cover on either side of the area and you can easily pick off the Guardians and pods without getting hit. In the second part of the fight aim for the yellow cocoons. The best place to wait seems to be the starting ramp to the save/store. Keep in mind that the monster will still attack you with its tentacles and even exploding sacks whilst you are doing this. You can easily ride the lift back to where the circuit board was and shoot across the chasm to kill the enemy without exposing yourself to return fire. These need to be dealt with quickly with the aid of stasis. Use the Ripper or Stasis/Plasma Cutter. Isaac finds a replacement in the Gravity Tether Computer Room but is ambushed by Infectors and a Divider when he attempts to insert it into the relevant socket. The end of the ride will also end the chapter. Take the Marker to the Pedestal Chamber (2). Now you can stand on the walkway and more easily pick off the necromorphs who now must come down the walkway in single file. As Isaac takes the Red Marker off the shuttle and proceeds to return it to the pedestal from which it was removed, he meets the former colonists of Aegis VII, and they will not make his duty any easier. Kill the Infectors first, before they can get out of the room and morph the four remaining bodies. Isaac travels together with Nicole to the surface of Aegis VII and returns the Markerback to its pedestal in an attempt to end the Necromorph threat once and for all. He arrives just in time to catch a glimps of the colossal tentacles of The Hive Mind before several Drag Tentacles attack. After shooting three out of the five, you will be grabbed and will have to end the first part of the fight from a rather uncomfortable view. Edit (Classic) Go towards the barracks. When you get past the third bridge, pull the cart towards another gate and prepare to fight a bunch of Exploders. Move the crane towards the shuttle using Kinesis. Naturally, don't touch the crushing drum, or you will die. Bring the loader to the shuttle Edit. If Isaac has a different gun equipped other than the Plasma Cutter, his hands will be positioned as if he was holding the Plasma Cutter. Enter the cargo room, there's an Upgrade bench right beyond the door. While this happens, Isaac also has to kill Pregnants while avoiding the volatile projectiles that The Hive Mind launches at him. If you are not careful, when you kill the Hive Mind, it will fall over, and if you're close enough it will smash you, forcing you to redo the entire battle. The truth is that The Marker has tried to convince him to return it to the podium - The Marker appears to have a subconscious mind of its own. You are going to have to try to move the Marker to the far end of the platform in front of you by going down the walkway on the left. When done, you can pick up loot around the room, then use the Store, Stasis station, and Save Station if you wish. Activate the terminal. Save the game and get back to the Marker. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. (An upgraded Plasma Cutter is quite capable of finishing the job, and it is easier to use and aim it while on the run than to stop and pick up barrels, etc.). - I've been moving the Marker successfully through the colony. Edit. While you are doing this, the necromorphs will start coming. They are followed swiftly by Twitchers and Enhanced Lurkers and Slashers which he kills and then pulls The Marker along a narrow causeway. After the last cocoon is gone, the monster will die. He begins to watch Nicole's tape but cannot bear to watch it all, he switches off all of the monitor but then he sees something in his peripheral vision. Chapter 12: Dead Space/Walkthrough < Chapter 12: Dead Space. Isaac Clarke and his girlfriend Nicole Brennan have taken an Executive Shuttle (that Isaac previously repaired in Chapter 10: End of Days) containing The Marker to the colony in order to contain The Hive Mind - the telepathic commander of all Necromorphs.