Attractive blonde man: Deadpool was brain controlled by Order, and he was going to kill you, but it looks like tacos broke the spell. Deadpool: Then how do you brush your teeth? But some of the best love stories start with a murder, and that’s exactly what this is, a love story. Deadpool: You know what they call cancer in Spanish? For the first few months of quarantine, I was upset. :Oh yea....I'm touching myself tonight"!! Have fun at your midnight showing of Blade 2. It’s weird I only ever see two of you. Deadpool: -pretending to faint- Ooh, pardon me, sir, your highness! And that's exactly what this is, a love story. You're right. Deadpool: “It’s right next to the prostate, or is … Did you ever hear about the one legged man in the ass kicking competition? At some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent. Con—they’re lame-ass teacher’s pets! Did I say this was a love story? Fine, but I only have 12 bullets so you're gonna have to share! 3000, Tiger Shroff’s Baggy Pants Can Be Turned Into Balloons, 9 Bodyweight Exercises For Broad & Bulky Shoulders, A Definitive Guide On The Best Face Masks For Men, 5 Types Of Seeds For Bodybuilders & Fitness Freaks, 5 Bollywood Approved Colour Combinations To Try, Arnab Goswami’s Video Of Targeting Salman Khan Goes Viral, American Rapper Kanye West Peed On His Grammy Award, London Confidential Will Keep Everyone On The Edge Till The End, 5 Times Kangana Called Out 'Outsiders' In Nepotism War, 5 Successful TV Actors Who Are Also Social Media Rockstars, The New S-Cross Petrol Is An Ideal Travel Companion, Sourav Ganguly Wants Hrithik In His Biopic, If Hathoda Tyagi Went On A Date Ft. Abhishek Banerjee, RJ Sukriti | MensXP, Every Gully Cricket Player Ever | Types Of Players During Gully Cricket | MensXP Sketch, Teachers During Lockdown- A Short Film On Teachers | Teacher's Day Special | Online Classes | MensXP, Teachers During Lockdown- A Short Film On Teachers, Hip-Hop & Rap Artists We’d Love To See Spar Over Style, 6 Stylish 'Villains' Who Gave Most Heroes A Complex, Male Celebrities Who Made Makeup Mistakes, How To Deal With Being Ghosted During The Pandemic, 5 Actors Who Got Married Before Becoming Superstars, What Happens When A Girl Starts Enjoying Single Life, 10 Simple Things Our Siblings Make Special, PS5 India Launch Announcement Is Just Around The Corner, Samsung Just Announced An Affordable Galaxy S20 FE, Expensive Products One Can Buy From Apple Store, Apple Airpods Studio Likely To Launch Next Month, The New Release Dates For Marvel Movies Are Here, 5 Reasons Why Divyendu Sharma Deserves More Attention, Indian Movies Nominated For Asian Film Awards Till Date, Shweta Tiwari’s Daughter Palak Tiwari Is The New Diva, Flashback 2018: From Lavish Weddings To Landmark Supreme Court Judgments, Diet Sabya – The Internet's Favourite Fashion Vigilante. There was a time in my life when I thought he was weird, nonsensical, overtly sexual, and pretty disturbing. Negasonic Teenage... what the shit?! 11) I don't want to go to Mexico for treatment. Times’s are about to get better. It's so confusing! COVID-19 had stolen so many things away from me, but I realized I couldn't let it steal one thing — my grit.