This drone is small and cute but pretty durable and very safe for young kids. Well both drones get over 20 minutes of flight time, have obstacle avoidance, decent video quality and are in the same price range. Ease of use is another complicated thing to rate. With current trends, it seems their commercial potential is limitless. – Read more…. Unlike other flying wings, the Disco is very easy to fly thanks to Parrots flight controller which uses all of the same sensors found on a typical camera drone. You’re getting a very simple FPV drone. That’s why the Mavic Pro is one of the best drones you can get on this list. It can fly super fast. Thank you! Once you have the footage in your editor, you can then stretch the colors out and make the shot look exactly the way you want with lots of dynamic range and lifelike colors. as that would give way over 10 times the range and power to lift/carry things. Today, you can find quite a few mini FPV racing drones that come ready to fly, but the Vendetta was one of the first racing drones to come out with everything you need to fly. This gives the Disco a very long 45 minutes of flight time. Some good choices for camera use in conjunction with this are the Canon 5D, the Canon 1DC, the Sony FS700, and the RED Epic. It’s the perfect commercial drone for sale for those that aren’t looking for massive, enterprise solutions, yet want a machine a bit more capable than the P4 or the Mavic. But this is simply not a large camera drone that can heavy a higher-than-average weight range, and was not designed with the delivery of goods in mind, rather the intake of stellar video footage. The R1 has 12 cameras that it uses to see in every direction. The Mavic 2 Zoom has a few features that make it different from the Mavic 2 Pro. The EVO has obstacle avoidance sensors on the front and in the back. This feature uses the optical zoom lens and the gimbal to take 9 zoomed in photos and then stitches them together to create a super detailed 48 megapixel photo. My personal favorite feature of the Mavic Mini is the flight time. It also has 6 LED lights which can be turned on and off from the controller. The x4S is the cheapest camera and it’s comparable to the camera on the Phantom 4 Pro. However, features like obstacle avoidance aren’t the only thing that puts the Phantom 4 above all the other drones out there. There are a total of eight obstacle avoidance cameras on the Mavic 2 and one IR sensor on the top for overhead obstacles. With the tilted motor design, I wouldn’t recommend the Falcore for freestyle stunt flying (get a Vortex 180 or build your own drone for freestyle), but as a racing drone for intermediate pilots and especially beginners, this quad is a great option. Almost every piece of electronics has been modified from the Vortex 250 Pro and big improvements have been made—starting with the flight controller. There’s just enough space for any of the GoPro models while keeping the battery balanced. It’s a 6 rotor retractable landing gear beast of a drone, with a 360 degree gimbal (similar to the Inspire 1). The Inspire 1 is an old drone. With brushless motors, they almost never fail because there aren’t any brushes inside to burn out!