But I wasn’t expecting the storm to happen the very first play.” That kind of eased the tension in the locker room. Everybody else ran away from Goliath. The Kobe Bryants of the world. He didn’t have that fear. This is just another game. Let’s be honest. Freddy Keiaho, Colts linebacker: I think instantly of the Cardinals game that year. Boiman: We only kicked one more time to him. “I think of him a lot,” Colts special teams coordinator Russ Purnell acknowledged that week. “I still think of myself whenever I hear that song, man,” he joked. This week, Hester was one of four Bears named to the NFL’s All-Decade team. It relaxed the atmosphere for us. And he did that a lot that year. But leading up to that game, I remember thinking that as far as being able to put that the foot in ground and go, he was the best I had ever seen. If anything breaks down, the speed that you have...I know a couple of guys who bet throughout the year, and when you’re dealing with other companies, side bettors and things like that, sometimes you don’t get your bet off. Let me just pick one position and let me just focus on it; I never was able to focus on just one position. “With everything going on with [the coronavirus] and everything like that, I think it will really, really open up the fans’ eyes to get more involved in sports all over Chicago. ‘When he got the football, he was gone. Devising a plan to stop Hester was vexing. Adam Vinatieri, Colts kicker: I remember practice that week. Nobody. And the thought is, “Man. And when we stop Hester, the Bears are going to know that we really mean business. “I think it’s really going to bring [satisfaction] to the city of Chicago,” Hester elaborated. The Bears, obviously, hoped Hester would get his chance to explode one more time in their biggest game. So you can see where I kind of geared it down a little bit. So you’re programmed: OK, this is just another kickoff. Same thing with Devin — that quickness, the change of direction, that instinct of knowing how to do the right thing at the right time blended with his God-given talent. Super Bowl XLI was about to begin on a rainy February evening 13 years ago in Miami. But he can’t do it alone. But Tony (eventually) said, “No, we’ll be fine. That’s something that’s just naturally there. In college, I was a huge fan of Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. Those two guys were two of their top coverage guys but also tough blockers. That was all of us. Now that I retired, when I sit and watch highlights of myself, it really hits me. The unforgettable game-winning 83-yard punt return TD in a miracle comeback over the Cardinals five weeks later. After much discussion, Colts coach Tony Dungy made the decision to kick off to Bears rookie Devin Hester to begin Super Bowl XLI. He wasn’t even in the picture (on the video board) when I was looking at myself running.