What you give in one section, you may be able to cap or limit in another,” advises Patty Downey, the Principal for Downey Legal Solutions. Drafters should note that this clause has a tendency to be a bit outdated. The processor accesses the main memory of the computer system to store and use the values of the program variables making up the state of the calculation. Digital multimedia applications provides both the challenges and rewards to justify the change of focus. These clauses can also create misalignment between the customer and the vendor and provide incentive for a customer to bankrupt you to gain ownership of your source code. Remedies describe how you will compensate the customer if your product does not work as defined by the warranties. The sooner you can put together a standard contract and a strategy for negotiating with your customers, the better. More specifically, this chapter explains how autotuning can assist developers to find the best compiler optimizations given the target objective (e.g., execution time reductions, energy savings), and how static and dynamic adaptability can be used to derive optimized code implementations. Consider using geo-specific clauses for indemnities. While a theoretical treatment of logic programming can avoid making these choices, because the order in which such items are chosen does not influence the set of resulting refutations, real logic programming languages, such as Prolog (Sterling and Shapiro 1994), have to take such decisions to avoid nondeterminism. The rest of computer science is becoming increasingly aware of its role as a tool provider, with the computer scientists providing the tools to solve computing problems. Nonetheless, most of the complicated elaborations have been devised to retain the image of this more perfect form and function. 1 month free) or some other forward-looking discount. Allow sales reps to offer a discount as an incentive to the customer to participate in marketing activities, but make it a one-time discount, so as not to impact your leverage for the renewal negotiation. In many cases, several copies of a contract document are prepared, so that all parties and signatories can have a copy of the contract. This simplistic diagram offers an idealized picture of a sequential architecture. A bank of several registers has multiple ports so that simultaneous reads and writes can be performed. In general, if you expect more leverage in the future, you will want to negotiate shorter contract terms. If you are acquired, does your contract get assigned to your acquirer? We motivate the need for domain-specific languages and productivity tools to deal with code maintenance complexity when targeting multiple and heterogeneous architectures. These clauses are common (and controversial) in employment contracts. When a company will not allow you to use their data, you can look at alternatives, such as charging them higher fees or limiting their access to models trained using data from other customers.