8 Male, 64Contact They were also used by NuBus. PCN10-96P-2.54DS(72) 09042326826 H11 2.54mm The most widely known use of DIN 41612 connectors is in the VME bus system. With termination technology, press-fit or soldering technology as well as through-hole technology, a FASTON connection, or insulation displacement connectors (IDC). Hirose Electric Connectors, Interconnects – Backplane Connectors - DIN 41612 are in stock at DigiKey. B These Eurocard DIN 41612 connectors are available in a range of types B, C, D, F, M, Q and R and with selective contact loading. 254324 N 650945-5 2-164045-4 DIN 41612 Signal connector High contact density and robustness: DIN signal Signal male and female connectors with a pitch of 2.54 mm, standardised to DIN IEC 606032, guarantee the required robustness as well as a high contact density – with up to 96 contacts in one connector. The DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 product series consists of 12 basic types and other supplementary versions with a 2.54-mm or 5.08-mm pitch. H16 Onze website gebruikt cookies en soortgelijke technologieën om u nog beter van dienst te zijn bij het zoeken of het plaatsen van een bestelling, voor analytische doeleinden en om advertenties te personaliseren. PCN10C-50S-2.54DSA(72) V42254B1200B640 Introduction:The most widely known use of DIN 41612 connectors is in the VMEbus system. 32Contact A Please view our large selection of DIN 41612 connectors below. 86094647113765E1LF Find the right connector for your requirements, --- Choose termination technology ---FastonIDCPress-fitSMTsolderTHTRwire wrapStart Product Finder. H2 86093968124755V1LF DIN connectors continue to enjoy widespread usage, in particular in industrial applications. The current language is English.Forward to English site? K 5535089-5 108457128001049, Details page index: 1-148057-5 D The standard performance of these connectors is a 2 A per pin current carrying capacity and 500 V working voltage. H 108477096001027 09062483201222 To do this, a hole is drilled through the board, DIN connectors with high or low contact density – we offer you flexibility, Configure connectors with leading or lagging contacts – fully in line with your requirements, DIN connectors in press-fit technology with the matching tool and machine – solution from just one provider, Over 50 years of IEC 60603-2  — Wide variety, proven over many years, Wolfgang Schmid, Product Manager at ept GmbH, Various termination technologies possible, A range of accessories, such as shrouds, board locks, coding keys, Quick lock switch fastener for daisy chaining. H1 09042326831 Omron 650861-5