Per DIN 41612* 250 VAC 250 VAC 1.55 KV max. The HARTING's modular and compact interface connector system har-link® in 2.0mm pitch allows data transfer rates up to 2 Gbit/s. Insulation displacement connectors (IDC for short) are the ideal solution for device manufacturers if two or more PCBs are to be connected across longer distances. Plug in with a "click". Companies cannot afford any unexpected downtime caused by machine malfunction and power. It is transforming the industry and changing the way the industry functions. Up to 96 contacts are possible in a single connector, Many connection options: PCB to PCB, mezzanine or cable to PCB, Excellent transmission quality and low contact resistance due to refined contact surfaces. above are defined in VITA 30.2. The HARTING MICA boasts a container-based open architecture so users can easily customize to their specific application well beyond what is included in the kits. Benefit from all sorts of additional functions and an efficient configuration process. The DIN 41612 has been widely accepted as a standard for a variety of interconnection applications in the telecommunications and data markets worldwide. Interfaces are the input and output paths of information of a device. Connecting and powering the world. 32 pins 5 rows x 32 pins and a number of P2 Split Pin Coax types. In measurement technology the connectors can be used in measurement systems or analysis and test devices. All of our Experts are available during normal business hours 8am - 5pm CST. DIN 41612 is for rectangular connectors used to connect plug-in cards to a backplane or motherboard. The unmanaged Ethernet switches from the Ha-VIS eCon series now offer you further new models with RJ45 and fiber optic cable ports to enable the efficient setup and expansion of your Ethernet networks. Designed as an extension of the DIN 41612 standard 3 row 96-way C type connectors, these VME-based connectors provide 2 additional rows and 160 contacts. However in the case of power connectors Browse DigiKey's inventory of DIN 41612 SeriesAccessories. This is supported by our wide variety of shell housings and accessories, including full metal versions, which guarantee the necessary robustness and ensure a continuous shield from the cable into the rack. The HARTING Technology Group offers a broad modular system for the implementation of innovative and future-proof Ethernet cabling. No matter what. Note: There is a another split-pin coax connector not shown above, Class 2: 400 mating cycles Condition monitoring (or, colloquially, CM) is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery (vibration, temperature, et cetera) to identify a significant change that is indicative of a developing fault. P1 and P2 are 96 pin DIN (41612, Type C) 3 rows x 32 pins [Pitch Developed in the late 1970’s, it soon became an industry leading product in telecom, industrial, and military applications. All of these are reasons that companies are turning to Industry 4.0. The standard allows for. – Variant R0: The pin A1 of the connector to DIN 41612 type M on bottom side – Variant L0 has the pin A1 of the connector to DIN 41612 type M on top side – This means that power supply units designed according to this specification can be used in any card rack position without leaving any gaps. Governor Rauner, HARTING and Elgin Mayor Kaptain announced that HARTING will expand it's manufacturing facilities creating 50 new jobs within 24 months. Try our new Han® Configurator! per contact 0.15 N[.54 oz] min. VITA 30.2 also defines single contact circular pins for Inter-car jumper cable systems based on customer requirements. The DIN Power connectors are preferred in applications that require particularly robust connectors or higher currents up to 15 A. The connector pinout for We supply tested and certified infrastructure solutions such as connector sets and complete tested system cablings that are specifically designed for various Siemens motor starters and frequency converter series. Topic Navigation: Engineering Home > Interface Buses > Embedded Backplane Buses > VMEbus Description > DIN Connector Styles. If you would like to learn more about the practical DIN 41612 / IEC-60603-2 connectors and their many different variants, we will be happy to consult with you in detail. it uses 10 coax connectors, 5 coax connectors above and 5 coax below the signal contacts. One of the most reliable and widely used ways to manage assets is via an MICA RF-R500 RFID system. DIN 41 612 PCB Connectors - The Robust Classic, DIN 41 612 connectors, often called VME  or Eurocard connectors, are based on DIN standards for electrical connectors. Vibration-free. The compact, robust and economical connector e. g. for controllers, small drives and control cabinets.