Kinda looks like dinos to me. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. My tanks been up for about 3 months and in the last week or two I've been getting this thick brownish green stuff on my sandbed. The good news is the addition of Microbacter7 and the 3 day black out seems to have chilled out the dinos, I can't see as much on the sand now. I know everybody has different methods of dealing with this but I'm a little confused about something. It hasn't hurt anything, and it's going away in its own time. You can try red slime remover for the cyano I believe that's simply antibiotics.. Dinos aren’t like diatoms, you have to introduce them from an outside source. Make sure using 0tds. Thoughts? In my mind that cuts off the lights and any extra organic a in the system. Sowohl Dinos wie auch Cyanos gehören natürlicherweise zu einem Meerwasserbiotop. Would run 13 hours blue, 7-8 hours white. Nitrates have been between 0- 5ppm. The problem is replacing them with the lights on. This site uses cookies. I have and have had in the past a similar looking algae on my sand. I ordered Boyd's Chemi-Clean which is like a red slime remover but for all types of Cayno , I've read some good reviews on it, maybe it'll get it under control till my biological gets stronger. The only way to determine if its dino's is microscope or the jar test JavaScript is disabled. By Trotzdem scheint das Sch...zeug mitgekommen zu sein. If you don't need the lights on so long for your pleasure you can certainly cut back. Definately cyano and diatoms, nothing suggesting dinos in the pics IMO/IME. Could be a type of cyano or the beginning of dinos. There are also live cultures you can buy, but that's a lot of work just to try. I’m not saying that a microscope isn’t a valuable tool, I’m just pointing out that this a a tricky time for buying/acquiring equipment. I sucked out the sand it developed on. I would get a cheap microscope to id it accurately. I’ve been reading chemi clean but scared it will wipe out my fish and the little bit of corals I have. Dino’s have different tx based off the id, Also to rule out cyano. Slow/fast. But I haven't seen much algae growing lately in the tank despite me feeding the tank, so there should be some phosphate in the tank from the food. Lights have been off for a while so it was next to nothing. I got the white balance correct and the colour in the picture is accurate to how it looks in real life: I don't know which it is, but I can tell you that a small amount of cyano isn't going to harm your fish. Es hatte schon im alten Aquarium leichten Befall. Das "Problem" aus aquaristischer Sicht ist nur, dass wir diese Beläge optisch nicht ansprechend finden und wir sie darum nicht sichtbar haben wollen. I got some pictures from my cheap microscope. Wem soll ich also solche Korallen geben?! Want to grow your business and reach a wider audience? It's a Red Sea Max 130D and I removed the stock lights and cover and replaced it with a 250w MH T5 combo. Welcome to ReefCentral. I was going to do a water change and siphon once I figure out what it is. Do you have access to a microscope? But now I’m not convinced. Not all at once and ramp them up very slowly as not to strip everything out all at once. Dinos have bubbles attached to snot like material that comes off the sand and trys to reach the light. Ya thats not a guarantee there will be phosphates from feeding. But the thing is it doesn't look goopy or like snot or anything. tank has been running for a couple of months have a couple of frags 10 fish here are my parameters, Here are some pics I have a sea urchin but doesn’t seem to be doing much, Had the same problem but chemi clean helped get rid of it. Yeah for that chemiclean. It doesn't help all forms of cyano but is effective against some. Well that is not what I am hoping to hear. Definitely keeping tabs on this thread. I feel like I just want to suck it all out and throw it away! Have no refugium spoke to my lfs he suggested Microbcater 7 feed fish every 3 day leave the skimmmer off and leave it alone. I started it with live rock from a local reefer's tank. Could be cyano. Paste as plain text instead, ×