The picture is great. You get just as drunk on keystone as you do on guiness (assuming equal alcohol % etc) because the base ingredient is the same. So, I'm happy. Multiple messages sent to company, two people visited, did something called a software upgrade which did not help at all and now they are not even attending to the call. If you have to deal with this company, make sure you document every detail of every call, and I would recommend actually recording your conversations with them as it's likely you'll need these calls for evidence when you are forced to file suit against them. Returned a bad tv for a refund and have been giving the run around for 3 months and they have stopped replying to my emails and won't fix the issue. Be the first one to find this review helpful. Three HDMI ports means more devices can be plugged in at once. For more information about reviews on please visit our The Wal-mart tv's are not for you. The back of the tv says September of 2019, which clearly means it’s not one year old. I gave them all the information and they attempted to troubleshoot it. And if you become "impatient" or "irate" by whatever definition their phone rep chooses to use, they hang up on you and force you to repeat the reason for your call all over again, usually with the same person that hung up on you. If You Believe Microsoft, Buying Bethesda Isn't About Exclusivity. Does Sanyo make good HDTVs? They'll be as happy as a lark either way. DO NOT TRY TO RETURN YOUR TV FOR A REFUND. There were big white spaces in between the screen and the frame and a lot of the screws weren’t on properly?? a home-backed agreement had been preferred, Sharp sold its license to China’s Hisense when it exited. It came in with the screen shattered. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. Today, Sanyo's TVs are sold in most major retailers. EDIT WalMart stripped versions- Unsubscribe easily. Stylish design: I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem. Within a month of my purchase, my remote stopped working. They'll probably be psyched just about the fact that they have an LCD in the first place. They've been stripped with cheap parts and have features cut out so that WM can offer it at "every day low prices". Wal-Mart's selling a 42" Sanyo plasma HDTV for $1,148. I will not purchase anything else made by Sanyo. Just asking in case to see if it’s worth it to even bother getting a new one. Worked perfectly. The picture was beautiful.. The TV has multiple issues with picture going blue suddenly, the system hanging up on every start. LCD TVs are creatures of the fine detail, it's not the panel, it's the electronics DRIVING the panel, so if you want color bleeding, artifacting, horrible contrast ratios (blacks look grey), and motion blur, then by all means buy a cheap piece of crap. This company is not yet accredited. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I can't stand it, because I think that it tastes watered down. The suit was dropped at the beginning of last year. HDMI ports: My Sanyo is several years old and I would highly recommend this brand. I'm long past done with patience. This topic is locked from further discussion. Contact company. Sharp said at the time that it intended to return to the North American market itself, and now it has the deal it required. Please don't take the product even if it is for free!!! They are not really for me either, because I want better stuff, but there is no reason for someone to buy something that costs more that "basically does the same thing" just because it is built better, especially when they can't tell the difference and no matter what they buy. Founded in 1949, Sanyo is a Japanese company that has manufactured and provided America with quality TVs since 1963. Never buy from Sanyo. I am an LG user and i don't know why i thought of buying a Sanyo TV this time. Product is bad and the people are worse. They look similar, I know that it's not Nike and it probably isn't as comfortable, but it was $80 cheaper. I received the first refurbished TV and within 2 months this TV goes out as well. Getting it in June for my b-day. Today I called again and was told they did not receive the old unit until 2 days ago (Jan 19, 2020) when I have proof from FedEx that it was delivered to their warehouse on Dec 19, 2019.