The first refers to a European species of dogwood (Cornus sanguinea) that was used for making skewers, or daggers, and would have been referred to as dag, dague, or dagge (dagger) in old English. Tolerates a variety of soils and prefers sun to light shade. [23][24][25] Geographical ranges as native plants are given below. $36.00, Speedway Killing Field Deck (size options listed), Speedwave 5 Panel Leather Adjustable Strapback Hat OS (color options listed), Regular price // ]]>, Native to: YK, NT, sNU, MB, SK, ON, QC, NB, PE, NS, NL. [39], "When the dogwoods start to bloom" is the opening line of the country song "Six Feet Apart" by Luke Combs, Cornus is the ancient Latin word for the Cornelian cherry, Cornus mas. Burns nice in the stove too. In addition, cultivated species occasionally persist or spread from plantings beyond their native ranges, but are rarely if ever locally invasive. The pic below is a sample of the spalting in the blocks. The name "dog-tree" entered the English vocabulary before 1548, becoming "dogwood" by 1614.
Habitat: Found in moist woods and streambanks. Todd is actively engaged in the business and will personally perform the final inspection before you ever see an invoice. and a bridge. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2006. Dogwood flowers have four parts. Dogwood's Mission: To support animals and the people who love them through rescue, rehoming, spay/neuter and education. Dogwood aligns grassroots political organizing with Indigenous rights & title to defend our shared home. Appearance: From 1 to 3 m. Small, whitish flowers in flat-topped clusters bloom in early summer. Cornus kousa and Cornus mas are sold commercially as edible fruit trees. That land is now mine, and the trees are tall and thick. The Columbia Encyclopedia. Note: Its flower is the provincial floral emblem of BC. Workability: Despite it’s high density and interlocked grain, Dogwood tends to produce decent results with both hand and machine tools, though it can have a blunting effect on cutters. When it comes to your home, we believe that you should not have to settle for generic design, lesser quality or anything short of a perfectly tailored  fit.

$18.00, Speedway Snapback Adjustable Hat Blk/Royal OS, Flowers Shop Deck Assorted Stain Colors (size options listed), Cell S/S Tee Shirt Pink (size options listed), Regular price [37][38], In the Victorian era, flowers or sprigs of dogwood were presented to unmarried women by male suitors to signify affection. Dogwood flowers provide nectar to pollinating insects and then become fruit that is sought after by birds and mammals. No, I don’t think that dogwood would be a good fit to be used for fencing. The bright red of red osier dogwood stems can fade in the summer months.

It also tends to make fine to very fine dust when cutting even when cuts are made with the grain. Cutting boards and other fine turnings can be made from this fine grained and beautiful wood.
Dogwood Animal Rescue Project (DARP) is a 501c3 non-profit foster-based animal rescue.