At the Winslow house: inside the kitchen, Carl asks Laura to tell Harriette that she need to buy some more bologna because they're out. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. He must now turn to Laura for help in calming Myra down. Urkel reunites Stefan and Laura. Nov 10, 2015 #4. Heiners Jungenfilmliste mit Filmen, in denen Jungen zwischen fünf und siebzehn Jahren die Hauptpersonen oder zumindest stark präsent sind! The affair produced a child and Vanessa ended up losing her marriage behind that affair. Urkel tells him to watch his mouth on how he treats her. When Carl finds her, she mentions that 3J shouldn't know who she is. There, she gives Steve a huge kiss. With Reginald VelJohnson, Jo Marie Payton, Rosetta LeNoire, Darius McCrary. Steve likes this idea and puts the clone in the chamber. He is angry at her for her selfish behavior in sabotaging his chamber and reprimands her for it. 9:00 PM PDT Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. 838 … And to pass the simple swimming test, he must get over his fear of water. Check out our most anticipated streaming picks. Harriette agrees and tells her that she should leave it alone. This is the last episode to feature Estelle Winslow (. Steve explains to Myra that while he had no intentions in breaking up with her, he also makes it clear that if they continue dating: she can't force him to commit to her right away and asks that she respects his decision when he asks her to give him space. Carl is once again pressed into service to teach Urkel how to do something simple this time, riding a bicycle. This ending foreshadows the changing relationship between Steve and Laura as Laura seems to enjoy the kiss much more than she expected. Carl tried to convince her that he allowed her to stay out, but she already made up her mind. Of course, she thinks the two are fooling around behind her back. When Eddie dumps Urkel as his partner in a prestigious 2-on-2 basketball tournament in favor of a star player (Darius McCrary's real life brother, Donovan McCrary as Kenny "The Spider" Jackson), the nerd turns to Grandmama (NBA star Larry Johnson's alter ego) for retribution. Meanwhile, Eddie gets a room at an apartment building and even allows Carl to come see him anytime. A disheartened Steve leaves him, partnerless and that their friendship is over. Looking for some great streaming picks? He mentions that Grandmama is a fan of the Charlotte Hornets and gives her ticket to Eddie. When one kid makes a wish to help his father find a job, Carl as Santa, gives him a business card to give to his father to call of himself. (as Bryton McClure) (credit only). Soon he learns the truth after they come crashing down in the kitchen. He agrees to be Urkel's partner in the upcoming tournament. November 5, 1993 After Laura leaves for her room, Carl and Harriette makes up knowing that she's taking responsibility for herself. When nobody bids on the nerd, Laura, reluctantly, makes the one and only bid on Steve's kisses. Meanwhile, Carl attempts to set Eddie straight for his mediocre grades. Meanwhile, Carl refuses to tell his own family why he doesn't want to take a police test, which could make him a lieutenant. Carl quickly has a nightmare about how Urkel and Laura fell in love, got married and gave birth to a brood of Urkel-kids in the year 2009. Maxine ponders cosmetology school and although Laura is against it, she realizes her friend's happiness is more important. Accessibility Help. He thought he would've had a terrible chance if Steve remained his partner, causing him to ditch his friend. Episode Guide However, Urkel knows he still has plenty of work to do to make the girl of his dreams truly fall in love with him once the potion wears off in a week. Family Matters . While the two are dancing to some slow, more romantic tunes, she finally tells him "I love you too" after one more of his love "confessions". Harriette tells him she already exchanged it and he tells her it was a cheap gift anyway. On a stormy Halloween night, Richie is disappointed because he can't go, Carl's sharp-tongued boss, Capt. However, all ends well, and Steve returns to Earth a national hero. Meanwhile, Laura gets upset when her parents won't let her go with her friends to see, To impress an MIT college recruiter, Urkel demonstrates his transformation chamber. Carl, not wanting the nerd to move in with him, convinces Eddie to let Steve move in with him and Waldo. Donovan McCrary was born on December 24, 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Donovan Christian McCrary. Meanwhile, Urkel fills in for Eddie as peanut vendor at, Urkel becomes dismayed after learning he is responsible for Carl's homeowner's insurance skyrocketing (thanks to the nerd's clumsiness), and decides to move out.