It is an odd combination of old and new and I don't know the story behind it, perhaps they just wanted to release an official album after all these years. E pensare che Chris Reifert dei seminali Autosy ai tempi li pubblicizzava in maniera massiccia (i Dr. Shrinker, dal canto loro, non hanno mai fatto mistero di adorare il gruppo californiano). This is the nearest the album comes to representing Dr. Shrinker at their best. The band broke up by January 1991, only lasting 4 years. Well then, those who know my ‘Wedding the Grotesque’ review which I wrote about 11 years before this one, know I consider that 1989 demo a classic ‘album’. Especially ‘Rawhead Rex’, ‘Mesmerization’ and ‘Chunk Blower’ prove once again to be pretty much my favorite Dr.Schrinker songs for a good reason (being plain awesome) Because hearing these songs, finally, after 26 years with such a good production is just a feast. So all in all, a must-have album if you just love the 1989-1991 era when thrash, hardcore and death metal crossed over like a bitch and everything was still wild and fresh. It starts off with some interesting harmonics but never gels. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution or higher. I Dr. Shrinker sono un gruppo death/thrash metal proveniente dai gloriosi anni Ottanta. "Contorted Dioramic Palette" is a near pointless album, but it does at least have good songs and a reasonable old school feel. Of the other three tracks, one ("Repulsive Habits") previously surfaced on a rehearsal recording from 1990, and the remaining two seem to be new songs. Verifica dell'e-mail non riuscita. So, go get this if you like that 89-91 era style of metal but can’t stand old demo recordings (soundwise). Obviously enough reason for me to have this and play this. This album consists of eight songs, five of which are re-recorded versions of songs from "Wedding the Grotesque" (i.e., "Tools of the Trade", "Rawhead Rex", "Mesmerization", "No Way to Live" and "Chunkblower"). And that’s the thing now that we’re already 30 years past ‘Wedding’. The band lasted another year or so, releasing a (brilliant) third demo and writing some more songs before disappearing. L'articolo non è stato pubblicato, controlla gli indirizzi e-mail! Un vero peccato che vuoi per scarsa pubblicità, vuoi per stanchezza, vuoi per incapacità di imporsi in un ambiente che ai tempi era davvero affollatissimo, questi signori abbiano sempre avuto un ruolo secondario e da comprimari. The 2004 release ‘Grotesque Wedlock’ would be a good place to start. ... Local Live WMSE 06-14-2016 1990 Practice Sessions Obscure and forgotten, they married goofy humour with deadly serious music and some of the most horrific vocals ever put to tape. Obscure and forgotten, they married goofy humour with deadly serious music and some of the most horrific vocals ever put to tape.