Skip the hassle of transport and logistical planning; and be free to simply enjoy the dunes and activities provided. (Just a heads up.). We finally got a chance to drop in on the center and see if the hype would match the experience. This also wasn't my first foray into virtual reality, having tested VR headsets, played my share of VR games and tried VR arcades across the country. We got to do two out of the three experiences. Our second one was ‘Curse of the Lost Pearl, A Magic Projector Adventure’ where we leaped into a daring adventure to break an ancient curse and find the lost pearl. more, Recommended experiences in and around Dubai. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. There's not many better feelings!! Then you'll finally walk into what looks best like a square soundstage. Thank you for letting us know that you enjoyed your visit Foodlover2028! I expected a simple VR show at first but what I experienced was something better ,immersive and way cooler feels like u r there. Haven't bought a home virtual reality headset yet? You're hardly alone. I have a VR console in my home & I've been to other VR amusement experiences, but this is really the future of VR entertainment. Zoom off on an ATV, ride a camel, go sandboarding; enjoy henna art and Arabian-costume photos; and conclude with a barbecue-buffet dinner and live shows. All 3 stories are quiet different. We just did the ocean one and now we're going to go try the Pearl one. You have to be over 4 feet tall and 10 years or older, so make sure your kids meet the requirements before going down there. This is an upscale shopping center — which makes sense as you pay $20 for what's essentially a 15-minute VR show. Last night’s media event took place at their location at the Westfield Century City Mall. While you can swim with otters or have a snow ball fight, VR can feel isolating. Instead Dreamscape feels like it's found the right recipe for mixing VR with story-telling to get consumers finally excited about the virtual technology. A truly immersive experience, It was superb experience I like it a lot virtual reality it was my first experience in it was wonderful. This technology, which promises to drop you — no, immerse you — into other visual and physical experiences has had a hard time getting consumers to bite. Last night Bionic Buzz® got to be apart of Digital LA’s influencer crew at Dreamscape VR’s Media Night. We saw them turn away one kid and he was crying. These included "Drop in the Ocean," where you walk along a jellyfish and the "Bonfire," encouraging you to toss marshmallows at a playful creature on another planet. We hope to see you again! Dreamscape is located inside the Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles, Calif., just feet from Mario Batali's swank Eataly. A nice touch are objects that appear virtual — like torches — but can be picked up and actually held, which helps to complete the experience. Plan to leave your smartphone, shopping, and anything else you have in your hands and on your shoulder here. We had a nice experience in dreamscape VR, the kids enjoyed very much and they want to try it again. 56 reviews of Dreamscape - Dallas - Temp. Where you check-in feels like a movie theater, as you can buy tickets, present digital and printed tickets, and sign a waiver all in one spot. AMC bets $20 million on virtual reality; Hollywood eagerly embraces virtual reality; Checking In. We even got to interactive with the creatures by petting them, playing ball & more. Instead it's really more escape room-sized; big enough for six people to move around, but you're never going to get lost. It was one of the best VR experience. It's a smart idea from an income point of view — but with about a 18 people in that small of a space, you may feel a little claustrophobic. We hope to see you again soon. On our adventure we got encounter snakes, spiders and a run away mind cart. Am soo glad i got the chance to try it. We can't wait to welcome you all back baherfahmy! At the recent Tribeca Film Festival in New York this spring, the VR arcade showed off some of these kinds of VR adventures too, where you're expected to move around rather than just sit passively as in a movie theater. In less than 20 minutes, we were done — and although I knew we had never left the room, I felt we had walked through tiny tunnels, jumped across gaps in a pathway, and been swept up to safety by a pilot. Dreamscape Immersive is an entertainment and technology company. Thank you shaikhaAlka! Each person puts on an Oculus Rift headset, backpack with a computer and trackersGearBrain. 12 and under have to have a parent to sign for them. It is something worth trying on ur holiday. Checking in takes two minutes, so you have 13 of them left to walk around a tiny lounge where you can buy drinks, snacks and pick up books and souvenirs tied to the show themes. You're asked to wait in a lounge area before your experience beginsGearBrain. In "Curse of the Lost Pearl," you're set on an Indiana Jones-like adventure, completely different from any VR experience you've had at home. This is an upscale shopping center — which makes sense as you pay $20 for what's essentially a 15-minute VR show. Experience several desert pursuits in one outing, including ATV-driving—something many tours only offer at an extra cost—on this red-dune desert tour from Dubai. Physical VR experiences, those that force you to move around and engage in a story, feels like the right direction for Hollywood.