Ecopod is a smart-tech system that dispenses home care and personal care products into reusable containers. Here in the U.S., Ecopod offers a similar vending machine refill format for personal care and cleaning products. Our products are manufactured in the United States, are responsibly sourced and never tested on animals. That business, which he launched in 1993, produced commercial strength detergent and supplied it to hotels, hospitals, dormitories, restaurants and area jails. How Refill Can Solve Our Plastic Pollution Problem, Ir a Pay For What You Use. Leer másWe’ve Partnered with Farm Stores. ECOPOD® Series for Advanced Wastewater Treatment. In California, restaurants can only hand out plastic straws if directly asked. "I want to grow Ecopod faster because of my love for marine life and my concern for the environment that we were leaving for our children.". We place kiosks for free at qualifying residential & retail properties, and partner with manufacturers who wish to offer their products via refill. View full ingredients and Material Safety Data Sheets for all of our products here. We have designed waste out of the equation by making reuse and refill both easy and convenient. 300% Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Energy. We were so Leer másBaynanza 2019[…], Ecopod and Farm Stores have partnered to reduce plastic pollution by installing cleaning product refill stations. To use the kiosk, you simply place your container in the dispensing hub, select a product, then pay via credit card, cash, or Apple Pay. “I wanted to do my part to shift the industry to refill using eco-friendly ingredients.”/ppIn 2010, Pino launchedstrong /strongEnvironmental Solutions Group to create the Ecopod and the biodegradable detergent and cleaning products that would be sold through the machine. Select from these options: Breaking News, Evening News Headlines, Latest COVID-19 Headlines, Morning News Headlines, Sports Headlines and more. Ecopod was developed to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic currently used for many of these products in order to protect our oceans and environment. This is an economy that tries to make items like plastic containers last longer. If you live in Florida and want an Ecopod in your place of residence or business, simply reach out to us at "Each of our stores are tiny drive-thru concepts of about 645 square feet," said Bared. We have five kiosks in private residential buildings, including 2500 Biscayne and Le Parc. We can create a brand that stands out and truly reflect your business. The Ecopod aims to replace them. With our handy Zip Code Search, you can easily find those near you and work your way out. Susan Collins, president of California-based nonprofit Container Recycling Institute, thinks Ecopod has potential. It contains laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other substances every household uses. 5. Disclaimer. Pino started installing the machines, which cost about $4,000 each to make, about 10 months ago. We also have a refill station at the Dadeland North Shopping Center on 6625 S Dixie Hwy in Miami. Ecopod allows your residents the convenience of quality home cleaning and personal care products within walking distance at a lower cost than retail. In the battle against plastic pollution, Henry Pino has devised a weapon. We place the Ecopod kiosk at your property free of charge and provide residents with complimentary starter kits. What is Ecopod? "Detergent bottles take up a lot of shelf space. Pino said he's also in talks to partner with a large Fortune 500 consumer products company. Likewise, end-users appreciate the convenience that Ecopod offers in simplifying their lives, making it easy to reduce plastic waste, and creating value in their day-to-day budgets. Ecopod allows you to create a new revenue stream, cut waste hauling costs, and offer a convenient, cost-saving amenity to your residents.