Upper & Lower Case Letters, The 15 Best Children’s Books About Telling the Truth, Has the capacity to be played with in many different ways, multiple times, Challenges a child to think, feel, do, and ask questions, Should contribute to the development of the child’s social, emotional, physical, and mental skills, Appeals to the child’s natural talents, interests, size, and abilities, Overall appearance is engaging with a variety of different shapes, colors, sounds, and textures, Fits your preferences, knowledge, is safe, and doesn’t break the bank, Brightly colored and cheerful, solid wooden activity cube, High-quality wood that is polished smooth, Activity cube includes five different activities, Removable and reversible top with bead maze, Has three little shape parts that are separate from the cube and may become easily lost, Self-rolling wheels makes it easy for toddlers and infants to play with, Removable cloth covering makes it easy to clean, Includes four soft toy vehicles: School bus, family car, fire truck, police car, Do not leave alone with child unsupervised due to some small parts being possibly swallowed such as the detachable wheels, Does not run as easily on carpet in comparison to flat, hardwood floors, Brightly colored blocks, two window elements, wagon base, a dog, numbered bricks, and a LEGO DUPLO Toy boy figure, Small parts that can be potential choking hazards, Safe to use and thoroughly test to prevent any choking hazard, Endless fun and possibilities with the variety of shapes, Should not be given to children under three due to potential choking hazard, Safe to use and comes with a wooden box for organizational purposes, Endless play and possibilities for construction, Natural-finish, with smooth, sanded edges to prevent splinters, Might be slightly hard to clean due to being made from wood material, Comes with a variety of brightly colored blocks, Can be combined with other LEGO DUPLO sets, Materials are all non-toxic and safe to use, No noise, no mess comes with a small bag to keep all of the letters/animals in, Do not leave child unsupervised with the letters due to chewing and potentially swallowing pieces of the letters/animals, Interactive, fun to use and easy to clean, Small magnets and parts that are potential choking hazards for young children, Great to take along for travel and road trips, Offers three different challenge levels for endless fun, Endless fun and interactive audio responses, instrumental sounds, and other sound effects, Batteries are included (3 AA batteries required), Has some parts that may be a potential choking hazard, Reusable pages and refillable water pen make for endless fun, Compact and easy to store when not in use, Not easy to tear making them a durable, lasting activity books, Endless fun and variety of building options in 3D, Easy to clean, store away, and easy to use, Comes in a nice variety of shapes and bright colors, Some parts such as the magnets may be possible choking hazards, Easy to clean, store away, and put together, Has a beautifully colored solar system image when finished building the puzzle, Will need a bit of space to build the puzzle, Contains letters and a variety of animals, numbers, and symbols, Safe, non-toxic paint, and wood materials used, May be hard to clean due to being made from wood materials, Made of wood, plastic, and metal materials, Comes with a little case to store the stencils, Great for travel since the carrying case doubles as a mini desk, Stencils are durable for long-lasting artistic fun, Some pieces may be a potential choking hazard, A lot of pieces and parts to keep track of, Comes with brightly colored train, blocks, and figures, Has an automatic shut off timer after two minutes, Not compatible with LEGO 9V trains, use with DUPLO trains only, Comes with a storage case to keep all parts and pieces together, Brightly colored and great for endless play, Small parts that may be a potential choking hazard for those under the age of 3 years, Colorful illustrations of the animals, great for a first puzzle, Puzzle is self-correcting since each cut is different for each animal, Pieces can be lost making the matches no longer usable, Self-correcting, no two puzzle cuts are the same, Great first puzzle and is made of durable materials.