To get a better indication of how your skates will fit once broken in; put your skates on and bend at the knees to put yourself into a skating position. Then refer to one of the sizing charts below, you would choose the one that is the brand of roller skate you are purchasing. When you first put on your roller skates check to see where your toes are; if they are barely touching the front of the skate you will be fine. Limited Edition Bags, Skate Bags. Roces Moody TIF Girls Inline Skates $95.95 $89.95. Learn sizing tricks, break in time information and include an easy to read sizing chart to determine your size. Therefore, we recommend using the foot length to find the correct size. You should aim for a pencil width to finger width behind the heel and not more. Shoe size: 13Y-13.5Y, 1-2.5, 12 (260)-6%. If you have chosen which skates you would like to purchase, and want to ensure the best fit it is easiest to measure your foot. Everyone loves this classic roller skate style with the modern comforts that Epic has combined for this great looking skate! This way you aren’t running out buying a new size in 3 months and the child will eventually grow into them. Price Match Guarantee. Any additional room will end up causing support and comfort issues as the skates will be too big. Call us at (888) 987-5283, chat with us, or email us at and we would be happy to help! Find a colorful selection of skate boots, wheels and skate accessories. Ltd. Still have more questions about how to size roller skates? Ltd. Inline Skates, Recreation Series. Please use the latest version of one of these browsers, Have a question, can't find an answer? A properly sized roller skate will lead to better support, increased power transfer and more comfort while skating. Edition Black Butterfly Skate Bag Find A Dealer $ 29.99. Use the roller skate size chart below for sizing on Chicago skates, this is an official roller skate size chart from Chicago Skates. This brand does not use the same sizing guide for all products. Stake your destination, lace up your roller skates, bring your tunes and enjoy the boundless freedom of life on wheels! In the size chart we have converted Mondopoints into foot length in inches to make it easier for you to find your size :-) ... Roces Quaddy 3.0 Adjustable Kids Roller Skate $73.95. While in this position you will get a better idea of how the skates are going to fit once broken in after a few uses. Mark the end of the tip of your longest toe on the paper. Sizing for younger kids starts at 8J, 9J, 10J, 11J, 12J, 13J and then it transitions to Big Kid sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4. That is not true of every single style of skates, so make sure to look at the sizing tab on the skates you are looking at purchasing. Shoe size: 13C, 3 (30)-22%. Email Submit. Purchasing a Kids skate 1 size larger than their normal shoe size is recommended so that it will give them room to grow and get more use out of the skate. Most skaters will find that a standard width will break in and fit after a few skates but those with a very wide foot may find a better fit in a skate with a specified wide width. Learn sizing tricks, break in time information and include an easy to read sizing chart to determine your size. Zebra … Please check the sizing guide we show on each product. Send us an email, Find answers to the most commonly asked questions, Stay up to date with everything has to offer via our social networks, Important Information Regarding Processing Times. The international standard for foot length is known as Mondopoint and indicates the size of the foot in millimeters (mm). Kids skates are true to size in most all cases. Another helpful tip on skates for kids, if your child is in a kids 3, 4, 5 or 6 this is right on the cusp of an adult size, some children's skates will not go that large and you will have to purchase an adult size skate. In this time the skates will be molding around your specific foot shape which will result in a more comfortable fit that will also give you great performance. Premium Bags, Skate Bags. Great Customer Service. Risport skates are handcrafted and tested to guarantee the best performance and maximum comfort. Use this measurement with the brand specific chart below. 100% Skater Satisfaction. Limited Edition Bags, Skate Bags. Edition Graffiti Bag Find A Dealer $ 69.99. Most brands of roller skates will make their skates fit the same as popular shoe brands to make it easier to size. Check for room behind the heel, if there is a pencil width area you are good to go with a little growing room. MM measurement is from heel to longest toe while foot is positioned on the floor (we advise tracing around your foot on a piece of paper and then measuring the length of the tracing). If your toes are curled or crunched the skates are most likely too small. Pixie Find A Dealer $ 29.99. So, if you wear a size 8 in your everyday shoes a size 8 in roller skates will fit. Roller skates are going to take some time to break in. Manufacturers do not always use the same sizes for shoes. To obtain the most accurate measurement of your foot, please make sure to wear the socks you will normally wear to roller skate in, because this can change the measurement. Shop Moxi Roller Skates. To start, they can double up on socks or wear a thicker sock while skating. This technical perfection originates from on-going technological innovation and attention to details so that the final product is a balanced combination of lightness and strength, comfort and prestige.