He claimed to be a trained wrestler. Kulas and his family later did an interview with Inside Edition that featured footage from the incident, including New Jack cutting him and berating him after the match. This prompted some to consider his actions moments later as part of the show and not representative of his true feelings. New Jack later stated in interviews that after he found out about Kulas' duplicity, he didn't have any remorse for what he had done. The book also states that as the medic crew carried Kulas out, he was escorted by Tommy Dreamer, who held his hand. He's 17!" After the blading, the Gangstas proceeded to work Kulas over even more, prompting Stephen Kulas to scream, "Ring the fucking bell, he's 17!". Tonight on Vice, the latest “Dark Side of the Ring” episode airs with a documentary detailing the New Jack-Erich Kulas incident. ), •Library of around 10,000 podcasts (circa 2004-today) & 100s of retro radio shows (circa 1990s), •Over 1,600 Newsletter Back Issues: Late 1980s thru today (PDF & Text Versions), •New Weekly PWTorch Newsletter w/exclusive articles (PDF & Text Versions), •An ad-free version of PWTorch website with added VIP-Member-Only articles each week, Become a PWTorch Patreon Supporter and get all of our free podcasts (WKPWPs & Dailycasts) with ads and plugs removed for just $4.99 a month. Next, The Gangstas proceeded to work Kulas over even more with elbow drops and various objects, prompting Kulas' father to scream, "Ring the fucking bell. 60 second express sign up form. 13 instead. When asked if the delay in finalizing the date had anything to do with the content of the original demo tape ECW sent them or the tape ECW recently sent them of the Revere incident, he said he didn’t know, but he would find out by the next day. PWTORCH VIP MEMBERS have full access to over 1,500 PWTorch Newsletter back issues dating back to the late 1980s, including all of our 1996 and 1997 coverage of the ECW-New Jack-Erich Kulas incident and the fallout that contributed to ECW’s delay getting on pay-per-view. Performers who testified at Jerome Young's trial stated that Eric Kulas was extremely arrogant and demanding backstage prior to the match, and, when told he'd have to bleed as part of the match, Kulas had asked Young to do it since he had never done it before. If ECW were to meet a list of conditions, some industry sources indicated this week that a pay-per-view deal could eventually be reestablished for later in the year. Heyman, by his own admission in The Rise and Fall of ECW, "begged and pleaded" with Request and finally convinced the company that they had been misled. He told the TORCH Sunday that Heyman has advised him not to comment on the situation for legal purposes, but that no one yet knows the entirety of the situation. In The Rise and Fall of ECW, Paul Heyman states that Kulas' dubious credentials as a student of Killer Kowalski were endorsed by a then-known midget wrestler, who was with Kulas when he and his father approached the staff about getting Erich in the match. ne night in 1996, an 18-year-old kid named Erich Kulas walked into an Extreme Championship Wrestling show in Revere, Massachusetts, hoping to find work for the night. “But it is the most severe and the most public.”, Wrestlers were not told of the glitch in the pay-per-view plans at the Friday or Saturday night ECW shows, but as word spread early this week, there was concern, outrage, finger pointing, and soul-searching. ECW is too extreme, say PPV distributors Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We will be posting more coverage here at PWTorch.com today. The PPV event was placed back on the schedule on Sunday, April 13, 1997, at 9:00 PM. CLICK HERE, ALL CONTENT © TDH COMMUNICATIONS INC. 2020. In the WWE book, "The Rise and Fall of ECW", Paul Heyman states that Kulas's dubious credentials as a student of Killer Kowalski were endorsed by a then-known midget wrestler who was with Kulas when he and his father approached the staff about getting Eric in. This should be an interesting episode. “At spot shows all the boys used to always talk about and look forward to the next ECW Arena show,” said one ECW wrestler. So we passed on the show.”. We also got the details on the most infamous incident in the ECW history, Mass Transit.