In that case, then go ahead! Unlike the market for larger travel trailers and fifth wheels that has less than a handful of independent builders and is dominated by a few conglomerates, teardrop trailers are the wild west of trailer building. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, baking, and music. This teardrop trailer boosts of a window that allows us to watch the sky as if you were just laying on the grass outside your RV; this type of window is called “stargazer window”, and modern design with classy looks. Get the latest from Timberleaf Submit. The front of the Escapod is aluminum, ready for tough back country travel. But what if you are traveling with your kids? The vehicle boasts a pretty stargazer window and a chic, modern design. We still have to see other RV manufacturers such as Forest River, to adventure themselves into the category. The doors on either side both have opening windows and the front cap has a fixed window. If Winnebago also is entering this category, this means that the new trend of the teardrop camper category is here to stay, and not a depeche mode. Like the Sierra Madre brand, you can choose from several sizes. Somewhere out there an excited buyer is eagerly waiting for this Escapod to be finished! Vistabule proudly declares that it is not your typical grandpa’s teardrop camper despite its retro design, and we agree with their claim as the company has made many bold efforts in improving the design. The stainless steel countertop includes a stovetop cooker and has plenty of room for a cutting board, coffeemaker, mixer, microwave, and more. There are, for example, many Dometic and Norcold models that can fit easily. The colorful, cheerful exterior of the [email protected] XL is also a standout. The headboard in the bedroom nook doubles as a hanging storage space for keys, hats, mirrors, bags, and more. Here's some of the GEAR we use and great IDEAS for you! You also get a two-burner stove and a stainless steel sink with a sprayer hose. One of our last units depicted in this teardrop camper category,  but not least exciting offer is from Retro Ride, and as the name of the manufacturer says their focus is on creating trailers with Retro looks. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'rvfavorites_com-leader-4','ezslot_19',114,'0','0'])); However, unlike its competitors what sets apart this teardrop camper is the sheer number of customization options offered by the manufacturer. This bed is actually a queen size type of bed. It is quite compact so you would have to plan appropriately what to take in this RV. This trailer is constructed here in the United States and is made of powder-coated steel that promises better longevity and durability. A round of applause for Chris and Chris, also, for recognizing a need and putting forth their best efforts to meet it. The interior cabin is loaded to the max with storage options. One way we recommend doing your due diligence is trying one before you make a purchase. By 2020, the plans of this company were to dedicate to the construction of cranes and trucks, leaving teardrop campers in a secondary place. Well, Winnie Drop WD170K layout has the answer, as it comes with a thirty x seventy-four bunk bed instead of a king-size or at least queen-sized bed.