No one person controls our budget. *The 54,999,979.84 pre-mine was minted to adequately cover swapping early investors from the NLX blockchain. Product Overview 1 Product Overview The Exor eTOP Series 600 HMI products combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an oustanding design. With a low supply, community governance, an open identity team and real-world use cases, Exor aims to increase global adoption of the cryptocurrency space within conventional business with secure and instant digital payments. NOTE: A small percentage of EXOR is also being held in address EJ6yc47cAZMGWHFccc9gfGbDLYuyNhP6wL and will be used to sustain the project while we work to build the full Crypto Asset Manager platform. A beautiful product, with tremendous technical flexibility backed by a company with 45 years in the industry and with a market price similar to previous models. Integrated solutions HMI+PLC are ideal for compact applications.The optional plug-in modules are compatible with eTOP Series 500, Series 600, and eBIS500. The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use. H-27 Greenville, SC 29607. The excellent price/performance ratio will make it the ideal solution for many of your control projects. Protective front foils is made with high-quality polyester that withstands exposure of more than 24 hours duration under DIN 42 115 Part 2. IP69K – extended temperature range ( -20°C +60°C), ATEX, UL and DNV approvals. A unique desktop app solution that can only be described as the swiss-army knife of crypto tools. © Copyright 2019-2020 | Exor | All Rights Reserved, View your entire portfolio in virtually any fiat or cryptocurrency, Receive price updates from coin listing sites such as coinmarketcap or coingecko, dynamic prices from your holdings on exchanges and even dynamic balance and transaction updates from locally running wallets that are constantly changing because of mining/staking/masternodes/airdrops/etc, Price alerts when coin values reach certain highs or lows, Track multiple portfolios using separate profiles, Movable ticker widgets for individual crypto assets on your desktop screen, Monitor and communicate with local and remote wallets to receive updates regarding new transactions, error statuses and even the ability to restart and fix many basic wallet issues automatically, Calculator and conversion tools between any crypto asset or fiat currency for making quick decisions while live trading, Automatic backup solution for all local wallets with optional encryption and cloud storage options, Track transactions across all blockchains and print out a tax report valid for any country, Automated trading bots that buy and sell cryptocurrencies automatically based on rules that you set, Monitor and receive alerts when new content is available from popular cryptocurrency news and other related web feeds, One-click masternode installer and monitor that will eventually support all unique masternode types and be able to report masternode status and other health options, plus be able to fix basic problems automatically, Customizable alert options for receiving messages on many different social media or chat platforms.