Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. It could be a fault with the network itself and will need to be forwarded to NBN Co for investigation if that is the case. A total outage time = 550 minutes (9-hours-plus. Anyhow, copying my router's log - except for a number of slack periods - has allowed analysis of the last month or so's worth of dropouts.A. Not only disconnected the handsets but the power and cable to the 5355. If its NBN then the DSL Diagnostics will show if it is a link problem. Need help? The shop promised she'd be phoned back within 5 working days. Certainly sounds like there were issues found. (In which case, confidence in our being rung back now isn't overly high ). (I've downloaded my copy in anticipation). The outages correspond to this period. So, the upshot was Tech lady decided to hand the issue over to Complaints and she kept trying Complaints till she got through. Could you log into the gateway go to Advanced/Gateway Settings. See my Sunday post. Numbers of separate dropouts 6th September to 10th October (None 11th to time-of-writing):12:00 MN - 6:59 AM: 17:00 AM - 11:59 AM: 5212:00 MD - 5:59 PM: 296:00 PM - 11:59 PM: 6TOTAL: 88 dropoutsB. No internet, F@st 5355 Modem, Link light solid blue, online and phone lights off, any ideas? If the fault is due to this firmware update it should disappear when latest firmware gets installed (SG7E10001332). If online light still white, will have no respond, its another 5 to 10 minutes to reset it via a small pin in the reset hole, wait for boot up, then into to re-enter user and password. I'll check which firmware and update I have when I check the GUI - still in the to-do basket (one of those days ).Couple of other notes:One of the light sequences included a blue light but I was too slow to see which one so I haven't included it in the op above. Might be that the modem is needing to be tested for possible replacement. Whole process took half hour. Ive also had this problem for a few days now. When did you check your user name and password was it before or after the outage? It's easy to setup, the speeds are normal 5-20mb and the wifi signal. "I'll post a few extracts from the log (my Excel file) tomorrow." Some ISPs (Internet Service will turn on when the wireless Provider) require that the MAC address of your network is ready for use. So, fingers crossed, we will soon have a new Smart Modem and the reassurance of its 4G backup. OK. One final try with a section of the above images - from August on. (At the time of ringing! is there a button on the modem that says wireless click it. Rang telstra several times. In regards to the drops, have you been in touch with our Tech Team on 1800 834 273, as they can have a look into this further and check drops on the service as well.