WWE hasn't inducted any referees into their Hall of Fame but Davis believes as though he's deserving of that honor. Danny Davis was the referee and allowed the Hart Foundation to use illegal double-team maneuvers in the match. SPONSORS: Burton, Mountain Dew, Dragon Alliance, Neon Wave Board Shop He also participated in the 1986 King of the Ring tournament. One year after Davis was banned from referee duties, the twin Hebner brothers (Dave and Earl) were involved in a controversy when Earl took Dave's place and showed favoritism to André the Giant, helping him to win the WWF Championship. This disagreement led to a series of angry promotional interviews and fights, as well as a series of matches that lasted several months and saw the two trade victories. Davis came to the ring from backstage and disqualified Hogan overturning the victory for Hulk Hogan. Dangerous Danny Davis worked for WWE for 15 years as both a wrestler and a referee. He was thrown over the top rope by Paul Roma to be eliminated from the match. His final match came on September 28, 2013 at the NECW Throwback Throwdown event held by New England Championship Wrestling. "You didn't go into an arena and practice your match…it was all off the cuff and you [had to] know how to work.". I would have been satisfied to become Dangerous Danny Davis and do jobs," stated Davis. I don't know who or how it happened, but that's how they decided they were going to change the belts…It was such a natural thing and it got over so big; I don't think they thought the reaction would be that big.". "One night they did that thing with me in Florida with the Bulldogs, and the next thing I knew I was Dangerous Danny Davis. [9][12] Ware won most of the matches, but Davis won several matches after using foreign objects to attack Ware.[9]. View the profiles of people named Danni Davis. At WrestleMania III, Davis made his in-ring debut when he teamed up with the Hart Foundation to defeat the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) and Tito Santana (Santana's inclusion was explained that Davis had been the referee when Tito had lost the Intercontinental Championship to "Macho Man" Randy Savage who had used a foreign object to get the win even though the heel gimmick had not actually started at that time). "They do it posthumously, and that's more and more the trend. Slaughter, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, and Ron Simmons. However, he also doesn't think it will happen while he's still alive. He and the Hart Foundation took on the Bulldogs and Tito Santana and Davis talked about coming to the ring in front of 90,000 people. [17] He also competed in the 20-man battle royal at WrestleMania IV. The feud between the Harts and Bulldogs eventually led to Davis stepping into the ring at WrestleMania 3 in a six-man tag match. He was in the ring for the fourth-longest time but was eliminated by eventual winner Jim Duggan when Davis was thrown over the top ring rope to the floor. Although Davis was not the first person to portray the crooked wrestling referee character, he is often mentioned as a prototype of a corrupt official, which is a storyline that has been used by several wrestling promotions. ! The segment ended with Piper attacking Davis. He was later reinstated as a referee and remained with the company until the mid-1990s. For years, he competed as Mr. X, a masked wrestler while also working as a referee. As a result, the match had to be restarted, and Hogan eventually won. Starting in 1986, Davis was involved in a storyline that saw him act biased in some matches and had him involved in several controversial matches in which he was thought to favor the heel (villain) wrestlers. When both wrestlers escaped the cage at the same time, Davis declared Orndorff the winner, while referee Joey Marella stated that Hogan won. ", Justin Barrasso On WWE And AEW COVID Outbreaks: "It's Bound To Happen When There Is No Bubble", LeBron James And Paul Ellering On Road Warrior Animal, Animal Benefit Shirt, Animal Tributes On AEW, AEW Dynamite Viewership Down This Week, WWE NXT Up Slightly, Shane Helms Reveals Who Created "The Hurricane" Character, Roman Reigns Says Randy Orton Has Seemed "A Little Less Lethargic" In WWE Recently, WWE Superstar Recovering From Unexpected Surgery, WInc Daily: WWE And AEW COVID-19 Outbreaks Cause Creative Changes (Feat. [14] Davis' feud with Roberts began when Davis showed up unexpectedly on the Snake Pit, Roberts' interview segment, while Roberts was interviewing Mr. T. Davis ran away after Roberts brought out Damien, his pet python.