Hatfield, Pennsylvania, calls K'nex home. $7.00. We are currently compiling a list of companies that make products right here in Pennsylvania. We’re waiting for you. Is someone you know a Phillies fan? (AP Photo/Dan Loh, File). Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). In 1792, the Congress authorized construction of the first U.S. Mint in the nation's capitol, at the time, Philadelphia. Candy Corn, known lovingly by some as “Chicken Feed,” was also originally made in Philadelphia. While their dumbbells and other weights are generally made outside of the state, the company makes woodworked fitness equipment at their York location. (The Daughters of the American Revolution had previously prevented her from performing in front of a mixed-race audience elsewhere.). Looking for something extraordinary to dress up your dining room table? Not packed in a bus. Scrapple is the unique creation of the Pennsylvania Dutch, and therefore only quasi-American as the immigrants combined their German heritage with New World ingredients. FILE - This March 3, 2005 file photo shows Zippo lighters available for sale at a smoke shop in Cranberry, Pa.. Zippo Manufacturing Co., of northwestern Pennsylvania, is on schedule to produce its 500 millionth lighter later this year. Today, Shoofly Pie (with a crumb topping) is a favorite Amish and Mennonite dessert. The pumps will be placed to mark historic spots, such as golfer Arnold Palmer's birthplace in Latrobe, Pa., along the nation's first coast-to-coast interstate this fall. There are plenty of beers made in Pennsylvania, and you can enjoy factory tours with Bube's in Mount Joy, Harrisburg's Appalachian Brewing Company, Troeg's in Hershey, St. Mary's Straubs, Victory Brewing Company in Downington and, of course, Pottsville's Yuengling. 6, 2016. Check out our Eclipse stalls and partitions today! Yo, you buy water ice in and around Philadelphia. August 2, 2016. Will Heilpern . But we don’t just build products — we also help shape the character of the nation. Philadelphia is used by some as a generic term for cream cheese, and in Spanish it is translated as Queso Filadelfia. Yet, few things made me happier than being out for breakfast with a buddy from South Philly and watching him – in the seriousness of an early morning hangover in a sterile diner – order and devour scrapple. Back in 2015 Philly Mag put together a list of iconic Philly food inventions, including Sweetzel’s Spiced Wafers, Taylor Pork Roll, soft pretzels, hoagies, Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews, Tastykake, and a handful more. This directory has information about and links to the businesses, which includes large corporations, small businesses and individuals also, each one offering their own type of unique products and/or services. While we’re at it, it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention in the last few months that Bill Cosby is a Philadelphian. This directory has information about and links to the businesses, which includes large corporations, small businesses and individuals also, each one offering their own type of unique products and/or services. (For hockey fans, there are plenty of Flyers items for sale at Majestic also.) The only real dilemma I have is deciding whether its two words or one: cheesesteak or cheese steak. Still, as I said, it’s Philly now. The creativity of Philadelphians defined the sounds of the last 60 years of popular music.Today’s “Jersey Boys” are the Golden Boys of the ’50s: Frankie Avalon, Fabian, and Bobby Rydell. Setting aside the United States and American republican democracy (it's hard to argue against that one), which is your favorite invention created in Pennsylvania? Special shout out to the ‘burbs! Made from the finest potatoes, steam-fried and cooked to perfection, these potato chips are bound to become your all time favorite snacks, fit to put a smile on your face with every bite, prompting you to crave their "kitchen fresh" flavor, time after time, after time! Today, in my experience, the defining characteristics of a real hoagie, a Philly hoagie, is a round shape, like seen above, rounded because its so god damned stuffed with cold cuts, cheeses, lettuce and other goodness, drenched in oil, vinegar and heaven. For the Philadelphia Business Journal, I wrote about a South Philly Italian food company with long ties in deliciousness. That’s real, son. Each set includes 2 plates, 2 cups and 2 wine glasses; everything is dishwasher and microwave safe. Pennsylvania has been a home of innovation since colonial times - thanks in no small part to one of our most famous residents, Benjamin Franklin, and his penchant for inventions. As an article by Irish Philadelphia aptly began in 2007, “Irish potatoes aren’t Irish and they aren’t potatoes.” They are a distinctly Philadelphia candy made from cream cheese, butter, confectioners’ sugar, coconut, vanilla, a little milk or cream, rolled into potato shapes and covered in cinnamon. Together we can reach 100% of WHYY’s fiscal year goal. Here, you'll find an amazing selection of items to choose from - something uniquely Philly for everyone on your shopping list. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar), With the ever-expanding world of digital communication, sometimes context can be lost. In this June 6, 2000, file photo, visitors arrive at the Binney & Smith Crayola Factory attraction in Easton, Pa. Now named the Crayola Experience, the attraction has welcomed more than 5 million visitors since it opened 20 years ago this month as the Crayola Factory on July 16, 1996.