AdmissionsQuest will not post any statement containing a threat of violence against a person or any other remark that would tend to be seen as intimidating or intends to harm someone. The Fay School Claimed. To insure appropriate tone and content, we require each author to adhere to the following guidelines: Honest For almost 40 years, Fay has offered immersive English language programs to international students in grades 7-8 who are seeking to become proficient/fluent English speakers. Appropriate in tone; criticism is appropriate; bashing and ranting is not My Fay experience played a very important role in my life and influenced who I am today. A typical daily schedule includes the following activities: The Early Learning Center program is designed for children. Fay School was founded in 1866 and our 66-acre campus is located in Southborough, MA, just 25 miles from Boston. Fay School. » Fay School Discover your Dream School! Any false information All rights reserved. 105 North Post Oak Lane, Houston, TX 77024. Of those are 150 students in grades 7-9 who are boarders that come from across the United States and over 25 countries. Fay School is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school, located on a 66-acre campus some 25 miles (40 km) from Boston in Southborough, Massachusetts, and is the oldest junior boarding school in the United States. » School Profile. It has 475 students enrolled from Kindergarten through grade 9; the boarding program (grades 7–9) enrolls 150 students from throughout the United States and 20 foreign countries. Contact info. The Fay School admits students on an open enrollment basis; however, first round admissions are usually due in January. Private. Master Plan. Enrollment; Student Folder; Do and Be Your Very Best. Limit your review to only your experience They design engaging, open-ended learning experiences that stimulate inquiry and provoke the imagination, and they provide frequent opportunities for children to participate in self-selected activities that promote independence and decision-making. SLAM created a Campus Master Plan for the 475 student Pre-Kindergarten thru Grade 9 day and junior boarding school that allowed for expanding enrollment, provided for a new primary school, dorms, wellness center, student center, arts center and expanded athletics as well as a new campus entrance. "Indeed, we have doubled in student enrollment. Camp Dates & Enrollment. ages two years, nine months through age five. Schools from all over the world share their most exciting news. Based on years of experience, we will assist you individually in finding the best suitable boarding or day school for your child. About the Camp. Using or disclosing your personal information. Our two oldest sons are now thriving at secondary school, and we are confident that Fay provided the necessary foundation for success. Nights and weekends are structured so that there is time for study, play, and exploring our beautiful New England surroundings. Our goal is to have reviews provide feeling and insight into the school experience. Fay is recognized around the world for its superior educational program, and our graduates are accepted to top secondary schools, including Phillips Exeter Academy, Phillips Academy Andover, Deerfield Academy, and Groton School. Discover the Best International Schools around the World, Discover the Best Boarding Schools around the World. Our curriculum fosters the foundational skills necessary for a successful transition to kindergarten. Our community includes 475 students in kindergarten through grade nine. Nearby schools. TYPE: Campus Master Plan. 9:15 am     Planned curriculum activities, 11:15 am   Transition and preparation for lunch, 12:30 pm   Story, drama, and conversation, 4:45 pm     Transition, story, reflection, 5:45 pm     Closing circle and preparation.