Full VBC curriculum. © 2011 - 2019 by Feed My Sheep Ministries. clothing Hygene Products Household suppies Diapers ,Wipes candles Blankets socks,Hats and gloves, John Mowry  My testimony Growing up as a child my father was an alcoholic. Feed my sheep ministries is involved in many outreach activities & services, but they are split up in different categories! Feed my sheep ministries is involved in many outreach activities & services, but they are split up in different categories! Feed My Sheep works to serve the underserved with hope, food, and positive events and activities. Our primary goal in this ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ, … Fresno Feed My Sheep Ministries – Pastor Bruce Hood Have Been Serving the West Side – of Fresno, CA and Central California since 2005. 0 FREE RESOURCES FOR YOU We as Feed My sheep Ministries are solely supported by Local Churches and individuals now with our weekly Saturday community Breakfasts and along with our Read More 0 We continue in the commission of going out into all the world and "making disciples" by spreading T he Gospel of JESUS THE CHRIST. We encourage you to increase in your prayer life and ask you to take part in our daily prayer: " Rule of Victor Prayer". and, https://www.facebook.com/112771925501006/videos/787971251314400/, [contact-form-7 id="274" title="Contact form 1"], Our saturday breakfasts are becoming popular, Check out the latest video for Feed my sheep. Bring a mission team to help evangelize Mexico! 1.5K likes. Here are the areas we are trying to make an impact on the lost sheep. Here are the notes from the founder and director. i n1974 my father quit drinking and became  aa counselor. Proudly created with Wix.com, © 2011 - 2019 by Feed My Sheep Ministries. 7:27 pm, Come and join us on March 28th for the Feed My Sheep Work Day. We plan to use this time to fix and fellowship! CHANGING THE COURSE OF HISTORY FOR THE NATIONS. Children are taught all required fundamental subjects along with curriculum required by Mexico. Spreading the Gospel with all opportunities and resources that God provides. Changing the Course of History for the Nations, Copyright © 2020 Feed My Sheep Ministries — Mins WordPress theme by, Feed My Sheep Christian School, purchase adjoining property to expand the school to over 100 students. Outreach is the extension of Gods hands through the outward expression of love by people who help those that are in need, through acts of kindness. Aculpulco, Mexico is where the Sheepfold Church is located along with the adjoining Christian School. Feed My Sheep Theme 2020 | All Rights Reserved. What started out as a ripple has developed into a wave that is powerful, forward moving, impactful and reaching out through out the world. Visit us on Tuesday nights, when we have our supporting churches come in and help with praise and worship, the Message and feed the hungry! We are adding classrooms and growing our student body at no cost to the students. The Ministry Leader, Teresa Larsen has preached all over the World to spread the gospel. We train and equip believer to understand their unique gifts, identity and purpose to impact the earth with God’s kingdom and experience the abundant life Jesus came to provide! Proudly created with. Outreach is taking an active role and becoming involved in community awareness one person at a time which creates a ripple effect impacting the neighborhood, and county, gaining momentum through the collective commitment, and consistency of people coming together with one purpose to help someone in need. Bible School for Adults. The Sheep Fold Church is reaching many with the gospel of salvation. FEED MY SHEEP is a prophetic word ministry; Serving men and women of God with His Love, by His Power and through His Word. In 2018, FMSM is planning to: finish new classrooms Bible teaching is core to our mission. Feed My Sheep Ministries in Haiti is a Christian 501(3)c non-profit ministry designed to empower the people of Haiti not only with the knowledge and vocational skills needed to support their families and keep them healthy, but Feed My Sheep Ministries is also in Haiti to empower its people with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. FeedMySheep Outreach Ministries Inc. P.o. Reaching out to the Hopeless, Lost and Hungry. Aculpulco, Mexico is where the Sheepfold Church is located along with the adjoining Christian School. We reflect on the lives we touched.From our Tuesday night message and meal ,our now 4, https://squareup.com/store/feed-my-sheep-ministries, items needed. Outreach To The Inner City Poor And Homeless. Outreach is having the commitment to impact and make a difference in your community, and in the lives of others through enrichment programs, such as mentorship, and professional development. To All Feed My Sheep Participants and Volunteers: FEED MY SHEEP is up and running again! Box 8042, New Castle, PA 16101, US (724) 856-3653 March 8, 2020 Please consider partnering with us to spread the gospel. Outreach is loving your neighbor as you love yourself, Mark 12:31 showing the nature of God through feeding the homeless, clothing the poor, helping the widows and orphans. The Ministry Leader, Teresa Larsen has preached all over the World to spread the gospel. Meet us LIVE on Facebook for a Faith-building Words from the Lord. Feed My Sheep provides powerful resources based Biblical truths. Come visit and take part in teaching these children core subjects and bible.