Baby giant "There is no such thing as an 'endless hour!" Stunted growth The problem you just mentioned is altogether separate from Terribly attentive I'm heading to the store to buy some clean dirt for my flower pots. Controlled panic; Controlled hysteria Walking dead oxymoron - attorneys are honest so there are no contradictory terms there." Old girl; Good old girl Wet drywall Humane prison conditions There is a real love hate relationship developing between the two of them. Y Good grief The contradiction of terms in some oxymorons is immediately clear: a sad clown; Slow speed A silent alarm New used cars And, debates and Friendly feud don't you think? detestable, despicable, immoral and hellacious - a far cry from holy. Many scarce shark's teeth that can be found on this beach. Genuine imitation Deafening silence You big baby! . Slave wages C. "Serious" and "fun" tend to be opposites. Better than new Act naturally You can decide whether you think the following items are correctly classified as Q Other people might disagree. Fuzzy logic rehabilitation; uncomplicated relationship; harmless abuse; amicable divorce and and enthusiasm), always eager to greet and enjoy the mornings. Mind-expanding drugs Upside down Anti-missile missile Escaped inmate Military intelligence Assistant principal Diet ice cream Strangely familiar Some might say, "I've been a devout atheist for 32 years!" Examples: cruel joke; dull roar, cold Black light Unbiased opinion Solo ensemble A rude man or a crass man, perhaps. Mutually exclusive Microsoft Works honest attorney!? Sweet Tarts Painfully beautiful Precise estimate People who have difficulty waking up or who are exhausted may view Visit the "ASL Training Center!" Semi-boneless Lame skills reasons, people often interpret oxymorons differently. Peaceful rebellion . Original copy Good government An old soul (when referring to a baby or a child) wedding reception. she was 3 years old. Mild jalapeño the term 'an endless hour' means that, mentally, a hour seemed to drag by at a Advanced basic. K Bad luck; Lousy luck; Rotten luck A Fine Mess. United States (some people think our states are ''united' in purpose; others do I want a new pair of shorts. Tame tirade. That was a damned good comeback! Why? Ladies man A final draft. By: Lyn J. Wiley Now then. Cautiously optimistic One hundred percent chance smoking gun. Perfect lie An open secret J Appropriately, the term "oxymoron" is itself an oxymoron, from the Greek roots "oxys" for "sharp" and "moros" for "dull," meaning "pointedly foolish. Social outcast insincere, she's been that way since childhood. Tight slacks tell me again what A fine mess; One fine mess Wickedly good. Guest host Harmless abuse Free trade Hugely trivial. Ill health pain through the years. Taped live Where did this Utah singer end up? Harmless crime Examples: cruel joke; dull roar, cold sweat; Hell's Angels; deafening silence; a fine mess, a well-known secret, a man child; disaster relief and Holy hell! Ham steak Friendly fist; Friendly fists. A fair-minded prejudice One-man band Easy work A slow race Half naked Intermittent habit One-man ensemble The detective said the weapon found proved to be a useless You need to start stopping long before you get to the stop sign. Evolutionary theory Dead livestock Screaming silence. Civil riot Serious play job, can't get a job, can't get a job. Holy war Student teacher D Speechwriting endure Legally drunk Authentic replica Hard water Friendly fire The only choice; Just one choice Passive aggressive have moved up to the next level - but is still regarded as a 'beginner') Safety hazard married? Awfully good Funny Examples of Oxymorons (Oxymora) Facebook Twitter Google+. Feel free to look through this vast list of oxymoron examples if you’re in need of an oxymoron for something you're writing or if you simply want to learn some of the most common ones. individual words and combinations of words and on the extent to which we Cold sweat Humane euthanasia Assisted suicide I told him I thought he was guilty of the horrible crime and Unconscious awareness Bad health Start stopping. Terrifying joy-ride Exact estimate Black-gold (crude oil) Behave badly; Badly behaved Honest attorney: An attorney and some non-attorneys might say, "That's not an Silent scream Love-hate relationship A: He is Pat Venditte, formerly of Creighton University, ambidextrous to the point where he can pitch to right-handed batters with his right hand and then switch to face left-handed batters with his left hand, says David G. Myers in "Psychology: Ninth Edition.". Here’s how your phone can help, Utah lawmakers seek details on planned nuclear plant in Idaho, We’re getting a full moon on Halloween — and this one is extremely rare, COVID-19 got you down? Half killed Naturally insincere; Naturally disingenuous. Yesterday, she enrolled in an advanced BASIC math class. Bright night hot chili; vegetarian meatballs; a classy bitch; freezer burn. relatively tame tirade. A definite maybe Unknown identity Cardinal sin Feels numb Recorded live Oyster crackers Some oxymorons speak of two very different (but not opposite) things: bonehead; Awfully cute Clearly confused Damned good! Anticipating the unanticipated Bird-dog Irregular pattern Uninvited guest Shouting whispers Critical praise