The Schools prepares students for further education and/or employment by focusing on participation and retention as will as the “development of moral reasoning through the application of the four principles (respect, safe and legal, participation and honesty). In all cases where flexi-schooling is agreed, it is recommended that the school has a written agreement with the parents/carers so that expectations and arrangements are clear for both parties. If your child is needing extra material separate from what is given, it can be provided. About (6) About Close. I'm not sure where our boys would be today if it weren't for the flexibility and accessibility of your school. nk he would have been able to achieve in a bricks-and-mortar school building. What Makes Us Different. Your email address will not be published. Changed. ‘Who, as a teacher, wouldn’t want to work with parents who are interested in the education of their children rather than abdicating responsibility?’ says Simon East, the executive head teacher. ex ED I began doing much better and I am happy with how I am doing now! Percentage Underrepresented Group: 18% I am really very impressed with the quality of these worksheets.’, 'I have been so impressed with TheSchoolRun and have really enjoyed completing your weekly worksheets with my two older children. What type of support is offered to current students? PremiereFR. Many of the children at Erpingham School have had difficult experiences of school life. Xavier Flexischools Network consists of five separately registered Non State Schools that provide a flexible and diverse curriculum to over 500 students aged between 12 and 20. Graphics. However, you’ll need to arrange the practicalities of the arrangement with the school – how will you ensure you aren’t doubling up on some work or missing out on other topics? Post a Job ‘Flexi-schooling has become part of our heart and soul,’ says Simon, who is proud that the flexi-schooled students perform higher than the national average when compared against children of their own age. Password must contain at least one digit. Independent Learning . All classes are still held during the daytime; however, hours may be planned according to personal needs and interests. Learn how Pitt Law is building a healthy and resilient community. Where flexi-schooling is agreed for a child with an EHCP this should be recorded on the EHCP and progress monitored through the usual annual review process. It was wonderful to include the grade 11 students as well as alumni in the celebrations. The whole governing body should not become involved in individual cases and cannot overturn a Headteacher's decision.