After her father’s lengthy sermon on the evils of “rock & roll and the endless chant of pornography,” Shaw’s daughter Ariel runs off to a gas station to meet her delinquent boyfriend Chuck Cranston, along with his buddies Travis and Lyle. Just answer a few questions. Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application. Anime Soundboard 2019. At the town council meeting, Ren speaks up, quoting scripture to support his proposal. I'm looking for footloose NS2 patches as well! We are not affiliated with Clavia! Footloose opened on Broadway on October 22, 1998. The soundtrack recording reached #1 on the Billboard charts, and went on to sell over 17 million copies worldwide, generating such Top Forty hits as its title song and “Let’s Hear It For The Boy" (both of which received Academy Award nominations), plus … Jim Steinman. “Holding Out For A Hero” – Ariel, Rusty, Wendy Jo and Urleen7a. Ren McCormack, an ordinary city teenager, ends his eight-hour workday by dancing off his stresses in a Chicago nightclub (“Footloose”). Fees and availability are subject to change during the application process. Jim Steinman, Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy Ren tells Shaw that he should not take his anguish about his son’s death out on the entire town. “Can You Find It In Your Heart?” – Vi12c. “On Any Sunday” – Rev. That evening, Ariel takes Ren to her secret place beneath the train tracks, where she admits how much she hates living in Bomont. Discord Sounds. “Almost Paradise” – Ren and Ariel15. After the meeting, Ethel explains that Shaw had those votes locked no matter what; she then convinces Ren to talk to him face to face. Rusty overhears them, as do several cowboys, who begin to mock Willard.  /  Meanwhile, Ren, Willard and their friends rehearse the speech they plan to give to the town council (“Dancing Is Not A Crime”). I had asked this in an AMA awhile ago, and the official response was, "yeah it's made, but it's up to the studio to release it." Rusty passionately comes to his defense (“Let’s Hear It For The Boy”). Hi, am working on this one at the moment - once i get it as close as i can i will post here. “Footloose” (Finale) – The Company20. This tutorial will show you how to turn on … It caused a sensat ... You'll have to sign in before you share your experience. This tool is unavailable at the moment. Shaw and Vi are shocked that Ariel had sneaked out of her room. “Learning To Be Silent” – Vi, Ethel and Ariel6. Use this tool for cost estimates based on your specific needs. The track used in the episode sounds way cooler than the standard album and movie versions of the song.