There are many options with framing a certificate. You might not realize it, but it has an important impact on the display you choose. Portfolio Picture Framers are experienced in framing all types of certificates including University Degrees, Diploma’s, Graduation Certificates, Certificate of Appreciation or any other certificate that deserves to be displayed proudly. Even if they don’t want to display it, proud mothers and fathers are only too happy to have it hanging in their homes. Do you want to include your entire graduation cap or just the tassel? There are more things than you would ever think to consider when looking for a diploma display. (picture of H and R Garlick certificate).This always makes a certificate look really attractive. Sometimes it is with a little more decorative frame with a thin silver or gold stripe in it. Design Now Get Graduation Ready. Always keep in mind your professionalism when it comes to hanging up your diploma! Graduation frames for your university degree, diploma or certificate. Maybe you’re just displaying it to keep the document safe. Additionally, you will likely want something more personal, much more than just a certificate. Thank you! Congratulations! Handcrafted in the USA, our high-quality frames offer unrivaled value. Conservation framing (the bottom option below) will give the highest level of protection. Maybe you want a sleek and think design with your university’s crest and name on it? Do not let any outside opinions sway you from what you like the best. Let that guide your decision when picking out a frame. Our diploma frame styles come in a variety of frame mouldings, mat colors, and glass options to meet your personal style and requirements. Very often people choose a colour matboard that reflects the institutions colours (e.g .blue for Auckland University, maroon for Otago and Canterbury Universities etc. As a Premium Framing Business we offer an extensive range of university frames to showcase your achievement. If you met some of the best people in college, consider buying a frame for not only your diploma, but to show off the people that pushed you to be a better you every day. You could do this with a plaque or a photo of your school on the display. With degrees we offer two framing options: Standard and C onservation. Oops! Remember that amazing championship homecoming game and that one awesome dance. Hold them close because it might be a while until you see them again. Do you want to display a traditional diploma or certificate? There is a huge collection of displays with varying designs, frame sized, and colors. That way when you display them in a line, you can see the different colors. Getting them framed is the best way of preserving our wonderful achievements, usually received after many years of hard work. There's no need to send us your valuable document! Maybe consider getting a frame that not only has your diploma in it, but a spot to put a picture of you and your best friends on your big day. Whether you tape your diploma to the wall or put it in a gold plated frame, it is still just a piece of paper. Be Proud. Maybe you want a photo of you and your family or college best friends displayed. Whether your certificate is from UWA (University of Western Australia), Curtin University, ECU (Edith Cowan University), Murdoch University, The … Your college graduation is worth capturing. Please feel free to contact Cathy for a quote to frame your qualification or certificate. Or do you want a deep shadow box that displays your tassel side by side with your diploma? Are you someone that made many memorable friends in college? If your goal is to preserve the document, you would want a secure design that you can file away or keep in a safe or somewhere else safe. Cherish these memories. ​​Phone 0800 372 633 You will want to keep your displays consistent. It is all about you, so remember that! In this case, you probably do not want anything extra displayed either. And Jostens is here for you — with everything from providing your cap and gown to preserving your diploma into the future. You should be so proud of yourself! Even if you are not going back to school right away, if there is a chance there are some things you should keep in mind. If you are trying to preserve the document, you are going to want a super high-quality glass. Below see the sizes of the certificates for New Zealand Tertiary Education Institutions: South Island It is also a great gift to give your child after their graduation. Some people choose to frame using a very simply thin, black frame. your own Pins on Pinterest You will probably want something waterproof. Questions? Interested in being featured on this blog?Â. There are so many smaller decisions that will play a part in the final decision. What better way to remember your big graduation day than having a beautifully pencil drawn, or watercolor image to add to your diploma frame? So think about it. While this is true, your purpose for displaying your diploma can actually greatly impact what type of frame you want to purchase. In this case, you probably want a sleek and professional design. When thinking about this amazing achievement of yours, obviously you want to put it on display. NOTE: Both options offer the same range of frames. What makes it important is not what it is displayed in, but all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting you that diploma.